WORLD OF RADIO #1279, produced June 29, 2005 by Glenn Hauser
        [for full credits, listen to show or consult recent DXLDs]

*Standard disclaimer
*This program now available as podcast, plus some previous ones via
*mp3 files also available directly now, from
*So now Radio for Peace International can resume World of Radio,
 Fridays 20 UT, Mondays 18 UT, each repeated 4-hourly; details at
*New Continent of Media, 05-06 now available, only in Real audio, via and
*Allan Weiner at WBCQ says Radio Classics is new, UT Sundays 00-01 on
 7415, old time radio
*Radio ship The Katie in Boston Harbor, tested 01-04 on 5105, and will
 be on the air July thru August, evenings via WBCQ transmitters in
 Maine; including World of Radio. Last week we were at 0200 UT Friday
*AFGE Local 1812 at VOA focuses on plans to outsource VOA News to
 Communist China; seems to be backing off earlier plan, maybe hiring
 only two contractors there to work on website, preferably US citizens
 -- but why do this in China at all? 14 US Senators urged VOA Director
 to cease such outsourcing; see [not]
*Highly recommended, Democracy Now, June 22, `The radical rightwing
 is very close to achieving a longtime goal, undermining the
 independence of public broadcasting`, interview of Bill Moyers by Amy
 Goodman, in text, audio and video: 
*Try to overlook remarks about VOA being a propaganda organ, not fair
*The Hill, June 22, reports that Rep. Ed Markey called on Ken
 Tomlinson to resign from board of CPB and BBG; White House rejects
*See website of any public radio or TV station for info about the
 funding controversy; KUNM links to these sites too:
* says CPB chose former Republican chair as its next
 president, to make it into White House mouthpiece; petition against
 signed by 100,000, needs 100,000 more
*KOSU says only half the budget restored; Senate will begin markup of
 budget on July 12
*radio free brattleboro, Vermont, thought it had understanding with
 FCC while court action pending, but FCC raided June 22 and
 confiscated equipment; see DXLD 5-103, 5-104
*New summer program schedule from RCI from July 9; a major change is
 Media Zone replaced by Talking Stick, aboriginally orientated?
*KNLS, Alaska, English at 1400, has been colliding with France on 9795
 and now they have moved to 9555, audible here, but too close to Cuba;
 KNLS English at 1200 can come in very well on 9615
*R. Marti airborne experiment on MW 530, Saturdays at 2200, not very
 successful; not flying every week, and now blocked by powerful Cuban
 transmitter, so this may not continue. Suggestions that the Commando
 Solo plane used for Radio and TV Marti should be redeployed to Iraq,
 turned down, at least until replacement available
*RHC on new 13660 at 1330, too close to RCI 13655, test? [gone next
*XEXQ, R. Universidad San Luis Potosi, 6045, back after a week off, to
 move transmitter and antenna from center city to outskirts; making an
 effort to get out with only 250 watts
*R. Mil, 6010, Mexico City, audible here in daytime around 1330, but
 blocked at night by La Voz de Tu Conciencia, Colombia. Ruben
 Guillermo Margenet has initiated a campaign to convince LVC to leave
 6010 for Radio Mil, but this is unlikely; LVC says it is duly
 authorized by Colombian authorities. And is distributing myriads of
 radios fixed-tuned to its frequencies, 6010 and 5910
*Those two frequencies, not exact, produce more and more mixing
 products: 5709.26, 5809.82, 5909.07, 6010.12, 6110.29, 6210.43,
*Another fixed-frequency radio station is R. Mosoj Chaski, 3310v,
 Bolivia; the radios are also sealed to prevent recipients from trying
 to retune them to godless secular stations
*R. Pio XII, 5952.5, reactivated after a year, 2224-2305, and 1105-
 1130, vernacular, Bolivian folk songs
*R. Nacional del Paraguay, has history, schedule,
 automatic music, 25 music files, no streaming yet
*By satellite, radio and internet, WOR 1279, P O Box 1684, Enid, OK,
 73702 USA or woradio at
*Thanks this week for financial support to Mike Kessinger, Virginia
*SW Radio Africa, for Zimbabwe, continues on SW as of June 27, 17-18
 on 15145, but jamming on 15137
*SW Radio Africa has been saved with new funding, no details, but
 said to cost 100 kilopounds per month
*R. Ethiopia, 9704.2, with English at 1030-1100 heard in Portugal
 [better in Lisboa than on the coast]
*R. Horyaal, for Somalia, Sat-Thu 1730-1800 not heard via Germany
 11925, but via Russia on 12130
*V. of Nigeria, audio from Abuja studios sometimes much better, 0630-
 07, 1230-13, 1830-19, 20-21; switch from 15120 to 7255 at 1905v
*FRCN, Abuja, Nigeria, 7275, English news at 0600
*BBC Radio 4 announcer forced to retire at age 60: Peter Donaldson
 will no longer be heard after July 1
*R. France Internationale foreign language sections get second-class
 treatment, with only 2/9 the funding of French language; nothing
 like the VOA where our national language is treated as second class
*Dario Monferini interviewed on DX program of R. Ukraine International
 from June 25, repeated at least 3 more weeks, like other shows? Sat
 2118 on 7490, UT Sun 0018, 0318 on 7440; 1118 on 15675. Direct link
 to webcast in my Monitoring Reminders Calendar
*V. of Mesopotamia, 11530, heard at 06-07 but clashing with WYFR; tho
 WEWN has moved off 11530 around 1400, cannot hear it here in the
*R. V. of the Mojahedin heard in Baghdad on 720 from Iran, its 90.1
 frequency blocked there by a new local station, Today Radio; website
 gone: Affiliated with Supreme Council
 for the Islamic Revolution in Iraq,  Is produced
 in studios of IRIB, Tehran
*New Taleban website, V. of Jihad, but quickly
 taken off by US provider; another coontinues,
 with song section
*Article about Myth of China`s Modernization of Tibet, and Tibetan
 language, with section on radio:
*S. Korea via Sackville, 9650, blocked in WNAm by N. Korea direct on
 9650, 1000-1250
*Chinese music jammer heard less, replaced by CNR channels; also siren
 on 15250, maybe against Taiwan`s Fu Hsing Broadcasting. I hear a CNR
 domestic network on 15285, 15265, 13625 at 1300 blocking US stations;
 but Firedrakes still on 15795 at 1300 vs. India in Mandarin; 11805 at
 1410 vs VOA in Mandarin
*New US station testing via Taiwan, Little Saigon Radio, 1130-1200 on
 11540, 15-1530 on 7380. Is 24h on AM stations in CA, TX, and on
*Ralda Cushen has died, widow of Arthur Cushen. She gets a lot of
 credit for helping him in his achievements
*ITU SW pdf monitoring files are available; latest concluding June 30.
*Madison WI informal DX meeting, Sat afternoon, Aug 20; RSVP Bill
 Dvorak, 501 Algoma St., Madison 53704-4812, 608-244-5497; or DX Get-
 together in subject line, to dxerak @
*Propagation outlook from Boulder June 28; flux range 90-105-80
*Glenn Hauser, concluding World of Radio 1279 ###