WORLD OF RADIO #1281, produced July 19, 2005 by Glenn Hauser
        [for full credits listen to show or consult recent DXLDs]

*So much news, so little time...
*WOR on WBCQ changes: Wed at 2200 on 7415, but now 17495 is at 2300;
 and sometimes additional Tue 2330 on 7415 as filler
*WWCR airing Sat 1030 on 5070 cancelled, still at 4 other times
*WWCR has applied for two more 100 kW transmitters and antennas, so
 once on the air, capacity increased by 50%. Additional business to
 justify expansion. Overseas broadcasters hard to hear in North
 America should contract for airtime, such as, India, Pakistan,
 Uzbekistan, Indonesia, Egypt, Romania, Argentina
*KTBN Salt Lake missing a lot lately, a couple days at a time, then
 back, 7505 night, 15590 day
*WRNO New Orleans on-air goal pushed back once again until September
*WWRB 6890 accompanied by spurs on 6855 and 6925
*CJR daily on Kenneth Tomlinson now hiring consultants to audit VOA
 and IBB in a witchhunt; cover for management planning major changes
*Hurricane Watch Net, mainly on 14325, activation plans are at:
*Radio six international, Scotland, quitting 5105 via WBCQ at
 monthend, break in August, back to NAm in fall perhaps on 7415
*BBCWS annual review for 2004 says audience is up in USA to 5
 million, highest ever, including opinion formers in NY, Washington
 and Boston. Other listeners don`t really matter; but down in
 Bangladesh, Nigeria, Pakistan, Kenya, Tanzania
*Fine print in BBC annual report indicates more SW languages may be
 cut to pay for Arabic TV service, especially eastern European
*Promenade Concert season of 2 months began on BBC Radio 3 July 15;
 I enjoy webcasts live, and also on-demand for one week, via
*However, streaming of BBC domestic services may be stopped to prevent
 non-paying foreigners from listening
*R. Slovakia International to close external SW service by July 31,
 due to funding problems, laying off 21 employees, 84 in the entire
 organization; still on internet, but who will be left to produce
 programs? Campaigns by listeners and staff to save it: see English page; E-mail addresses of powers
 that be to contact [July 20: has been saved, at least temporarily]
*RSI in English at 0100-0130 on 5930, 9440 and three other times to
 elsewhere, while it lasts; maybe continuing on WRN
*R. Maria, Italy, heard in Portugal, evenings on 26000; still in
 analog, planning DRM; probably via sporadic E
*Terrible collision on 7120 at 2130-2200, between R. Tirana in
 English, and CRI via Urumqi in Hungarian; lack of communication
 between these two cooperating stations
*Georgian Radio in English at 0730 on 11805, low modulation but
 intelligible; Abkhazian Radio, Georgia, 1236-1258 on 9495.45, jumped
 to 9494.75 at 1225, 1402, 0236; R. Georgia, 4540, 1523-1630* with
 Armenian- and Azeri-like programming; plus 9080, strong second
*Tajik Radio, harmonic 13905.11, 3 x 4635 from *1359
*All India Radio soon vacating the 90 meter band for 60 meters,
 domestic SW; 3223, 3315, 3365, 3390 will soon move up to 4 MHz band,
 and existing frequencies may be adjusted. Why? Should get out better
 as DX but MUFs lower than ever this winter
*Standard disclaimer
*The media magazine you monitor with your mind, World of Radio 1281,
 woradio at or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702, USA
*Check for much more info
*Oman has two SW transmitter sites; Thumrait was back on the air July
 8 at 0630 on 17630; and also English at 14-15 on 15140, beamed 315
 degrees toward Europe and N America, R. Sultanate of Oman; but not
 heard every day
*Kol Israel REKA network has new website mostly in English with news, schedules, history, contact info,
 weblinks for immigrants
*V. of Turkey added another Live from Turkey phone-in, Thursdays 1250-
 1320 on 15225, 15535, to Tue 1850-1920 on 9785; David Crystal, Israel
 is one of few callers; July 12 he talked about Sudan Radio Service
*Sudan Radio Service heard here, on 15325 at 0515 in Juba Arabic;
 English scheduled [M-F] 0300-0345 11665, 1500-1545 17660, via UK
*After many years, R. Omdurman, Sudan, reactivates 9505, ex-7200 at
 1500-1900+, then colliding with Farda; beamed due east but heard well
 in Greece at 1708
*V. of Africa, Libya, via France, expanded hours and added new 7320,
 heard in Eu and USA, at 2228 and 0010 with schedule in English, and
 as late as 0235 after 10 minutes of English, but on for how long?
*Guinea is back on 7125, tnx to spare part from China following
 lightning strike in early June; resumed July 7, as late as 0846 in
*Merlin ran test loops on 9525 at 07-09 in early July, which turned
 out to be Star Radio, Liberia, finally relayed on SW from July 12,
 and also at 21-22 on 11965, both widely heard, latter with
 transmission breaks, in English and Liberian English. Site for both
 is Ascension, 250 kW, 27 degrees
*Schedule from R. Africa, Equatorial Guinea, shows 7190 now in use
 evenings, 17-23 or so; and no longer heard on 15190, which is only
 from 07 weekdays, 06 to 1630 on weekends, but neither of these
 reported lately
*R. Ndeke Luka, to Central African Republic, cancelled; was 1830-1930
 via UAE 11760
*SW Radio Africa, for Zimbabwe, remained on SW more than a month 
 longer than expected, but final broadcast was July 8, 17-18 on 15145; 
 MW continues and trying to raise funds to resume SW
*V. of Tanzania, Zanzibar, reappeared on 11735.0, ex 11734v which had
 been off air for months. Since July 11 widely heard as early as 1630
 to 2100* Mostly Swahili, but news in English at 1800-1810 from Spice
 FM; suspect is brand new transmitter thanks to Chinese aid
*R. Tanzania, Dar-es-Salaam back on 5050 too, at 1910
*V. of Delina, to Eritrea, via TDP Russia, now Sun 18-19 on 12130
*Little Saigon Radio on 7380 at 1500-1530, believed to be via BBC
 Thailand rather than Taiwan tho only BBC carried until now. Other
 broadcast presumably Taiwan, 1130-1200 on 11540; and 15110 may have
 replaced 7380
*V. of Indonesia on several dates off frequency around 15136 instead
 of 15150, English at 20 and other languages earlier. Measured once on
 15136.35 at 1601 in Arabic. Government ordered stations to go off the
 air 1-5 am local to save energy, 18-22 UT, but does this affect
 external service too? 15 MHz then not heard, but still 9524.89 [and
 still wasting kW with open carrier 14-16 as heard July 20]
*Heard almost every morning here, XEXQ R. Universidad de San Luis
 Potosi, Mexico, mostly classical music, 6045 between 12 and 14, 2.5
 hours after local sunrise
*R. Juticalpa, Honduras, off SW for a long time, plans to start
 streaming; will enjoy the music shows on program grid; see --- and looking forward to DRM
*Hot topic in Spanish is continued clash on 6010 between R. Mil in
 Mexico and LV de tu Conciencia, Colombia. Manager Russ Stendal says
 he has tried to minimize signal toward Mexico, even offered to carry
 DX program of R. Mil or go off at a certain hour so R Mil could be
 heard. Stuck on 6010 as assigned by Colombian government
*R. Continental, Argentina, on another LSB feeder, 5400, around 0800
 heard in Japan
*Collision on 11720 between CRI via Chile at 2100, with VOA, and at
 2130 with BBCWS Calling Falklands resolved: CRI changing to 11690
*LRA36 Antarctica says they have no more QSL cards, but replies by e-
 mail, now clear of interference on 15476 [after 1900]. Sked is still
 M-F 18-21 with 2 kW, rhombic, in Spanish, plus English and other
 language IDs. Also heard in Spain at 2040. lra36 @ 
*Propagation outlook from Boulder July 19; flux range 75-120
*Glenn Hauser, concluding World of Radio 1281 ###