WORLD OF RADIO #1282, produced July 27, 2005 by Glenn Hauser
        [for full credits, listen to show or consult recent DXLDs]

*Standard disclaimer
*Predictions about the adoption of DRM on shortwave, slowly or never
*DW says new module for multi-standard receivers will put DRM in
 reach for cost-conscious consumers
*DRM software will remain available -- Media Network blog July 27
*iBiquity will have to fight codec war with Microsoft over IBOC
*Hurricane Dennis destroyed two ``Fat Albert`` aerostat dirigibles
 which were antenna platforms for TV Marti; plans to replace at $2.8
 million; schedule cut back
*Airborne Commando Solo broadcasts of Radio Marti on 530, missing
 Saturday July 23 at 2200, due to threat of Franklin?
*TeleSur, new satellite TV service debut July 24, backed by Venezuela
 and other countries. A source of great controversy in Latin and North
 America: Congress passed amendment for 30 minute daily broadcasts to
 Venezuela, but Pres. Chavez denounces it and promises to jam any
 broadcast from the US. See recent DXLDs for much more about this:
*Proposed by Connie Mack, R-FL; based in Caracas, with 51 percent paid
 for by Venezuela; also Cuba, Uruguay, Argentina. VOA had special
 broadcast to Colombia with no problem. Venezuelan ambassador says VOA
 and commercial US networks are already on cable TV across Venezuela;
 might call it R. Free Venezuela, or offensively, R. Bolivar. Chavez
 acting like a tyrant not allowing opposition. TeleSur at first only 4
 hours a day; on the air in Cuba, but no details [and Argentina]
*R. Verdad, Guatemala, 4052.5, off the air for 10 days as of July 25
*HRVC, Honduras, reactivated on SW 4819v after three years, with new
 amplifier tubes, since 2200 UT July 23, and widely reported thruout
 Americas, Europe, Pacific; as late as 0740, all night?
*Consolation for supporters of R. For Peace International; person
 responsible for its demise in Costa Rica lost his job: Maurice Strong
 as top UN envoy to N Korea, in oil for food scandal, nepotism, ties
 to S Korean businessman with kickbacks from Saddam Hussein
*R. Quito, La Voz de la Capital, Ecuador, now active on 4919 as late
 as 0610
*DTK revised mid-summer A-05 schedule still shows R. Cimarrona, Sun &
 Mon 22-23 in Spanish on 9480, 100 kW Juelich, 220 degrees for
 Uruguay. This went off several months ago, so are they really back?
 Please check
*5400 is another Argentine SSB feeder with different stations; 0226
 heard on LSB with R. Diez, 710, Buenos Aires
*Clockwise thru Europe:
*German court has charged Ernst Zundel with 14 counts of incitement,
 trial in November at the earliest. Nazi holocaust denier was on WRNO,
 WRMI and WGTG, and on Kaliningrad 1386 for two weeks
*R. Slovakia International saved from closing SW for the time being,
 with a council to meet August 24 to decide what to do
*R. Sweden has reliability problems with Sackville, Canada relay 1330
 on 15240; twice in past week disrupted: July 21 fill music and
 apologies; July 26 just open carrier, but OK after 1400 from Sweden
 in Swedish direct. Sweden should back up Sackville at 1330
*1,282nd WOR is now semi-finished
*WOR is no longer delayed on WSUI, Iowa City, Sundays 10:30 pm CT, on
 910 plus streaming http://wsui.uiowa.edu
*Itunes now lists World of Radio as does
*But get WOR directly from
*Our address: woradio at or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702,
 USA; contributions via PayPal at
*Tnx this week for financial support to Clayton Stapleton
*R. Tatras International, Slovakia, relay since July 20 on 1350, 50 kW
 via Latvia; and at least in evenings from 1700 past 2300 on SW 9290.
 Operator of these KREBS TV, offers to QSL, altho RTI itself will not.
 Report to tesug @ or P O Box 371, LV-1010, Riga, Latvia
*WOR expected to return to Radio Studio X, Italy
*Studio X has a new problem, another Italian on 1584 kHz, R. Verona,
 since July 24, now atop it at midday in Bologna
*Counter-clockwise thru Africa:
*Libya`s new 7320 via France, heard at 0300-0400 in Arabic, except
 French news at 0325; also at 0110-0250+ with only English at 0228-
 0233; another day English at 2215. B-05 tentative schedule shows this
 straight thru from 19 to 04, and probably so already, 500 kW,
 Issoudun, 185 degrees across Africa, despite good signal in NAm
*Polisario from Algeria has been on 7466, causing WWCR to zero-beat
 it from 7465, but on July 25 heard back on 7460, again with QRM
 from RFA in Korean via Mongolia [around 2100?]. Also on MW 700
*Star Radio, Liberia, still widely heard via Ascension, 07-09 on 9525,
 21-22 on 11965
*Another Liberian station wants to resume SW: Liberia Broadcasting
 System launched fund drive for SW and TV transmitters; building in
 ruins since civil crisis
*Great to have astute group of monitors worldwide, such as:
*Iwao Nagatani in Japan reporting that R. Okapi started evening
 service in French, 16-17 on 11890 via South Africa, as well as 04-06
 on 11690; for Congo DR
*African on 6612 is second harmonic of R. Zimbabwe, 3306, mistuned
 with little signal on fundamental, around 0100, 0300, 0530, 1900,
 2100; on the air 24 hours. Get it while it lasts
*Zanzibar`s reactivated SW: also heard on 6015 from *0258 with
 xylophone tuning signal; 11735 includes news in Swahili at 17,
 English at 18; lately 11735 missing again. July 26 at 18, R. Nova
 Visao, Brasil heard instead on 11734.9 in Michigan. Zanzibar opens at
 1500, but Turkey is on same until 1556; also North Korea until 1450
*R. Solmal, or R. Soomal, via DTK Juelich, Germany: Fridays only 1330-
 1400, 130 degrees, 100 kw, in Somali
*BBG via Dhabbaya, UAE, 1170 switched from R. Farda to R. Sawa, while
 1575 continues with R. Farda
*Official from All India Radio says they hope to close down their
 external service ASAP, costing $10 mega a year with no discernible
 audience; contradicts other reports of expansion plans
*CKMX 1060, Calgary, flipped formats to Classic Country, so the same
 on SW 6030 relay CFVP; 100 watts heard in California, UT Monday 0441-
 0503 with Marti and jammers off; also heard in New Zealand at 0631-
 0640 fade
*CBC`s largest union, Canadian Media Guild, voted 87% in favour of a
 strike, but bargaining continues; earliest strike or lockout date is
 August 15
*RCI had to suspend its toll-free phone number in Brasil due to abuse
*Media Ownership Reform Act of 2005 would end media consolidation,
 etc., sponsored by Maurice Hinchey, D-NY and Diane Watson D-CA. See
 No number yet; see
*The High Noon Effect: D-layer can start reflecting signals instead of
 absorbing them on MW at midday only when solar activity is high, and
 in the summer [noon by Local Mean Time, ya know, not DST]
*KOA Denver link on 25950 FM heard at 1830 in TN thanks to Sporadic E
*Active region of the sun is returning to view July 28
*Propagation outlook from Boulder; flux range 90-120-80
*Bob Cooper advises that now is the time to try for tropospheric
 ducting DX between Hawaii and California on VHF and UHF; you must be
 on the coast at just the right altitude; perhaps continuing thru
 August 1. See maps at
*Glenn Hauser, concluding World of Radio 1282  ###