WORLD OF RADIO #1283, produced August 3, 2005 by Glenn Hauser
        [for full credits listen to show or consult recent DXLDs]

*New edition of Continent of Media, 05-07 at
*Live transmissions from space station and Discovery available at launching auto;
 2-meter downlink frequency from ISS is 145.80 subject to Doppler;
 map showing location of space station and Discovery:
*These URLs are in this summary at
*Talk to America, Thursday August 4 [at 1605] guests are Richard
 Richter, retiring from Radio free Asia, and Michele Grant, new
 head of BBC global news devlopment; Kim Elliott back Friday,
 September 2. Link for audio archive of TTA [but none there yet since
 July 12]
*New York VOLMET off the air again from all 4 SW frequencies as
 of August 1, ``unserviceable till further notice``: 3485, 6604,
 10051, 13270
*Besides there is a new site showing
 US station transmitter locations with Google maps and/or satellite
*WBUR Boston getting rid of its best talent; Dick Gordon`s
 Connection cancelled; now Michael Goldfarb also dismissed, effective
 August 31; was London correspondent. No doubt we shall still hear
 him elsewhere
*The old WCBS-FM replaced by Jack FM on the air in NYC; but the old
 format lives on as a webcast and plan to put it
 on a secondary HD channel under Jack FM
*Clear Channel in Tampa claims its loud ampitheater concerts are a
 state service so local laws against noise don`t apply, also that it
 should not have to pay county property taxes
*From August 7, Sundays 10-12 midnight PT, KQKE 960 San Francisco will
 have a new live ``Queer Channel`` show, about time for such. Was KABL
 which no longer exists on FM either
*Alaska DX and station report from Bruce Portzer in DXLD 5-128; also
 other recent issues on Alaska from Walt Salmaniw, Nick Hall-Patch
*CJML, 580, under 100 watts in Winnipeg, active in June, returns for
 two weeks from August 6 to celebrate VJ Day;
*BBC Monitoring to have job cuts by spring 2007 of 50 to 80 despite
 annual budget increases
*Scandinavian Weekend Radio, Friday August 5 from 2100 UT for 24 hours
 on low power 5980/5990/6170 and 11690/11720; and another special
 broadcast for summer meeting of Finnish DX Association, Aug 12-13
*This weekend`s special from Latvia 9290: Sat Aug 6 2000-2100 European
 Music Radio
*V. of Russia, Moscow transmitter to ME on 13855 with spurs at 14-18
 Aug 2, 38.88 above & below: 13816.12 and 13893.88; 250 kW, 190 deg
*RTL Luxembourg has DRM tests to UK during August, on 7145 at 10-16,
 via Juelich, Germany. Reports to and also QRM complaints
*DW`s underpublicized English DX program, monthly on final Sundays
 available 42 minutes into Mailbag on demand from,1595,4703,00.html#
 Also details at
*R. Prague sends interesting gifts: ruler with protractor; and ---
 a sponge! V. of Free China sent a manicure set; what other strange
 gifts come from international radio stations = supermarkets?
*Richard Dawson and Peter Haller, ex-SRI, have joined Bob Zanotti
*R. Maria, 26000, Italy, heard at 1100 and again at 2130 in England,
 by sporadic E, still analog rather than DRM
*Mid-program amenities: World of Radio 1283 from P O Box 1684, Enid,
 OK 73702 USA, or woradio at
*Past few weeks, unscheduled but reliable airing of WOR on WBCQ 7415
 Tue at 2330, and last week also on Thu at 2330 on 7415
*WOR excerpt relayed by Ragnar Radio, Tue Aug 2 at 0202 on 6925, same
 as the Pirate`s Week file for July 31 at
*Standard disclaimer
*Thanks this week for financial support via PayPal go to Dennis Sivert
*Polisario still announces wrong frequencies 7470 and 1550 tho heard
 on 7460 and 700; carriers heard around 1545 could be this
*Coup in Mauritania early August 3, putting state radio and TV off
 air from 0500; TV back by 1410 saying coup was successful; after dark
 check SW 4845, just reactivated August 1; confirmed with Qur`an and
 talk about democracy from 1955 August 3; daytime check 7245
*World Christian Broadcasting, KNLS in Alaska, plans for another SW
 in Madagascar, construction beginning in October of 3 x 100 kW, 3
 curtains for W Europe, S & W China, India, Indonesia, S America,
 Africa, and a log-periodic for Madagascar, also with government
 programming, cost $7 mega, completed early in 2008y
*R. Tanzania Zanzibar, 11735, schedule varies, sign-on between 1400
 and 1630; one day before 15, another from 16; QRM until 16
*New clandestine for Somalia, R. Waaberi, not Solmal or Soomal nor
 Nuateri or Muateri: via Juelich 100 kW 130 degrees, Fri 1330-1400;
 based in Caiflronia and brokered by R.
 Miami International [WTFK? see bottom]
*English from Syria at 2005 on 12085, 13610, no longer 9330; better
 quality on Hotbird as ``Voice of Peopl`` [sic].``Listeners Overseas``
 Wed 2040 or 2045 and one hour later is not a mailbag but was about
 Syrian expatriate in Latin America, longing for Syria
*R. Jordan`s only English service, on 11690 until 1630, audible here
 Aug 3, but in Arabic instead; perhaps fellow monarchists in mourning
 for Saudi king, dispensed with English
*R. Pakistan, 15100, put out spurs at 1555 on 15081 and 15119
*BBG intends to get a Continental 500 kW, in non-competitive
 negotiation, for Yangi-yul, Tajikistan, site, plus TCI antennas
*Degar Voice, clandestine for Vietnam, replied to reception report,
 sent to Spartanburg SC; on 7350 Fri at 1300-1330 via Chita, Russia,
 250 kW, 194 degrees; or is it at same time Tue on 7250, Thu 7420,
 Sat 7320, perhaps switching around to avoid jamming
*R. Singapore International new website including
 program schedule in English, 11-14 on 6080 and 6150
*Bali is back on SW, some consider a separate radio country; RRI
 Denpasar heard July 26 at 1129 on 3945 with gamelan, Hindu; 1200 ID
 and Jak news
*V. of Indonesia not heard lately on 9525 around 1300 in Indo, 1400
 with open carrier but instead 15149.8 with open carrier hetting Iran;
 they have 7 Marconi transmitters used randomly; one is tuned 14 kHz
 low on 15136
*R. New Zealand staff work stoppages seeking raise and more vacation,
 July 29 and August 1; filled by BBC programmes instead to the
 objections of its staff being made strike-breakers
*R. Verdad, Guatemala, back on 4052.46, 250 instead of 700 watts
*R. for Peace International to offer its programs via podcast; see
 survey at
*3291.04, Guyana back several months, after flood, at 0900
*unID on 4739.1v at 2345-0110 relaying WEWN could be 3 x 1580 in
*5745 unID by Malm earlier is R. Virgen de Remedios (remedies) in
 Tupiza, Bolivia, heard in Argentina at 1110; and in Uruguay at 1046
 on 3388 with R. Catolica Mundial
*R. Integracao, Cruzeiro do Sul, Brasil will be back on 4765 from 
 August 10
*Tremendous sporadic E opening evening of July 31 in central NAm,
 even channel 7 from Austin TX to MI; and FM band wide open
*HF propagation outlook from Boulder August 2; flux range 105-70-105
*Oops, omitted frequency for Waaberi: 17550
*Glenn Hauser, concluding World of Radio 1283 ###