WORLD OF RADIO #1284, produced August 16, 2005 by Glenn Hauser
        [for full credits listen to show or consult recent DXLDs]

*WOR missing from WBCQ 9330, UT Sun 0300, but should be back next week
*WRMI has new Cuban exile client 8 hours a day, bumping off WOR and
 other DX programs; [rescheduled to Sat 2100 on 7385 only, maybe from
 next week also Sunday 1400]
*WRMI now carrying my Mundo Radial, Sun 2345, 9955 jammed, and maybe
 not every week. Also twice weekly on WWCR 15825, Fri & Mon 2115, new
 edition from August 19, aimed at Europe unlike WRMI to South America
*Radio Republica is new on WRMI 9955, so less usage of 7385; from Aug
 15: M-F 09-13, 16-20; S&S 09-10, 12-13, 16-20, UT Sun/Mon 02-04, by
 Cuban Democratic Directorate, previously on LV del CID and WRMI
*WWRB says will file for CP to add another 100 kW SW transmitter, with
 DRM capability, two or three antennas; but no plans for DRM soon
*New York Radio had vanished two weeks ago, but heard again August 15
 at 1400 on 13270, 10051 USB, presumably also 6604, 3485
*Kim Andrew Elliott comments: Radio Free Asia was a mistake, but the
 retiring Richard Richter gets credit for what it has become
*Venezuela requires at least 50 percent Venezuelan music on radio, so
 there could be a market for SW from outside with non-Venezuelan music
*R/TV Bolivar, maybe on SW, sends the wrong message: we want to see
 your elected leader go. And would duplicate VOA Spanish. Better to
 enhance VOA
*CBC beat Canadian Media Guild to a strike with a lockout from Aug 15;
 substitute programming of reruns and news from BBC, managers doing
 CBC news on the hour; see recent DXLDs
*Different union at RCI Montreal and Sackville, not striking, but
 still gets CBC substitute programming
*One issue is outsourcing of program production, such as O`Reilly on
 Advertising, which was on RCI [and still is at new time Wed 1430 on
 9515, 13655, 17800, but that excellent show was a rerun Aug 17]
*From Italy Dario Monferini and Roberto Pavanello have been travelling
 around Mexico for several weeks, first to the Mexican DX Meeting in
 Tampico, then clockwise mostly by bus, visiting countless radio
 stations collecting stickers, and monitoring for changes, mainly on
 the FM band. Travel diary with observations at
*Near Huayacocotla, confirmed new FM 105.5 with 10 kW now for R.
 Huayacocotla, but still heard also on SW 2390
*Faro del Caribe, Costa Rica, reactivated August 4 on 5054.6 variable,
 and widely heard in 24 hour tests, but then at 10-16 and 00-04 only
*LV de tu Conciencia, Colombia, takes more steps to protect R. Mil,
 Mexico on same frequency, 6010: lowered antenna further to 10.5
 meters high, to increase hi-angle radiation, reduce lo-angle, and may
 lower it two meters more
*3291 Guyana reported reactivated last time, but soon gone again, and
 still missing; a carrier on 3291.04 has numbers station
*LRA36 Antarctica, 15476, with clear frequency being heard again by
 two listeners in Britain, Michael L. Ford [and Arthur Miller!]; and
 traces heard here too
*R. Saint Helena, 1548 kHz, finally heard again in South Africa on
 coastal DXpedition; details of this and others at
*Zimbabwe harmonic on 6612: 6612 also heard Aug 14 at 0435 in
 California, but that was parallel to Cuba 5025; other occasions
 Zimbabwe on 6600 instead, at 0402 Aug 7, co-channel to V. of People,
 the one for Korea --- but unlikely that would propagate to Europe at
 0400. Zimbabwe could have switched to 3300/6600 due to SW Radio
 Africa which used to be scheduled on 3300
*R. Voice of the People, from Madagascar to Zimbabwe, 7120, now hit by
 heavy jamming, at 17-18, using Chinese transmitter in Zimbabwe;
 expect frequency to start jumping around to avoid jammer
*KBC Kenya dropped morning transmission 03-07 on only SW frequency
 4915; now only at 09-19 M-F, harder to hear in Europe; even more so
 in NAm; but on west coast, might still get it by longpath in morning;
 sunset in Kenya aorund 1500 UT all year
*The media magazine your monitor with your mind, World of Radio 1284,
 woradio at or P O Box 1684, Enid OK 73702, USA
 Much more at especially DXLD archive
*Thanks this week for financial support via PayPal go to Chuck
 Ermatinger in Missouri
*Tensae Voice of Ethiopian Unity now 7 days a week at 15-16 via
 Samara, Russia, 15660
*E-mail QSL from R. Peace, Sudan, 4750, asks DXers not to send audio
 mp3 files for QSLing; just written reports are sufficient
*Death of John Garang leads to his widow Rebecca being built up as
 leader in his place, on Sudan Radio; such as *0300 on 7200
*Sudan Radio Service, from outside, extended an hour until Sept 9
 at least, 17660 at 14-18 instead of 15-18, M-F. Also in morning,
 M-F 03-05 11665, 05-06 15325, all via UK
*Syria keeps jumping between 13610 and 9330 along with 12085,
 including English at 2005, back on 9330 August 6
*Jordan resumed English on 11690, heard at 1530, as R. Jordan 96.3 FM.
 When I tried August 13 at 1515, heard BBCWS sports instead, which
 is South African relay, unheard there before, bad news for Jordan;
 but a few minutes later in Alberta only Jordan was audible
*V. of Mesopotamia heard here again August 10 at 1340 past 1400 on
 11530 via Moldova
*R. Sultanate of Oman had resumed English at 14-15 on 15140, but
 lasted only July 10-20; back again on August 16
*Salaam Watadaar, Internews for Afghanistan, 13-1430 on 15500, missing
 Aug 7-8
*R. Azad Kashmir on 6780 until 1400, then R. Pakistan
*Confusion about schedule of Little Saigon Radio; as of August 11,
 15-1530 via Thailand on 7380, same time via Taiwan on 15110
*Lots of DXLD stories recently about China`s attempts to control the
 press, and objections to widespread SW jamming. BBCM analysis says
 will bar new foreign TV channels, step up censorship; the great leap
 backward, says Andy Sennitt; RSF petitioned IOC to pressure China to
 allow more freedom of expression; IFJ says China plans total war on
 press freedom. Appeal to UN to stop radio jamming, especially of
 Sound of Hope Radio
*V. of Tibet also targeted by Chicom jamming, now on 17563, 100 kW,
 131 degrees via Tashkent, but still jumping around. 11-1148, 1212-
 13, 1302-1350, 1430-1518
*Hams salivating over possiblity of working North Korea with
 P5/KA2HTV visiting until Aug 23 with operating permission, SSB 20 m,
 but no contacts confirmed yet, just pirated usage of call; QSL via
 KK5DO, more info at
*California man catalogues NK`s over-the-top rhetoric as a hobby,
 with web archive of KCNA Stalinist propaganda,
 plus a random insult generator
*Best quiz show is back, Brain of Britain, BBC Radio 4, Mon 1230, Sat
 2200 GMT; maybe later on BBCWS
*Lack of press freedom in Belarus prompts plans for broadcasts into
 the country despite RFE/RL already doing so. European Commission
 wants to do it too; DW agreed to start such a service, but only in
 Russian, not Belarussian, upsetting the natives. Another project by
 NGOs to broadcast on FM from Poland; Belarus state-owned media cranks
 up angry campaign against Poland
*Four Micronesian stations now webcasting, via  ---
 what a first-class URL
*US stations off frequency: WAVL, Apollo PA on 909.2; KYNO Fresno CA
 on 1299.7053
*New TIS station in Kettering OH on 1610 heard as far as Manitoba,
 and closer, with 937 area code phone mentioned. WPVW207, Harrison
 Twp Fire Department
*Summer DX conventions, including 3 different continents Sat Aug 20:
 Madison WI, shores of Lake Mendota, at 1 pm CT; info from Bill
 Dvorak, dxerak @
*Tokyo Ham Fair, Aug 20-21 at International Exhibition Center will
 have JSWC representation at booth C-091
*Sat Aug 20, Reading International Radio Group, 2:30 pm BST at RISC on
 London Street. info from Mike Barraclough, mikewb @
*HFCC B-05 Valencia Spain, Aug 22-26
*International Radio Club of America, and Decalcomania, Anaheim CA,
 Aug 25-27 at Days Inn north of Disneyland  mikesanburn @
*National Radio Club and DX Audio Service, Labor Day weekend from Sept
 2, Inn at Towamencin. a.k.a Kulpsville PA, info from Dave Schmidt,
 nrcmusings @
*International Lighthouse/Lightship Weekend, Aug 20-21
*Propagaiton outlook from Boulder August 16; flux range 75-105-75
*You`ve been listening to the 1284th World of Radio; Glenn Hauser,
 here, inviting you to hear me again, next week ###