WORLD OF RADIO #1285, produced August 31, 2005 by Glenn Hauser
        [for full credits listen to show or consult recent DXLDs]

*Standard disclaimer
*New WOR times on WRMI: Sat 2100, Sun 1400 on 7385
*Welcome internet stations to WOR network: R. Veronica US, 106.5 low
 power near Philadelphia, also streaming:
 with WOR Thu 2330 UT, Sat 1600 = 7:30 pm Thu, noon Sat EDT. Also
 on CJOY, Sat 1600/noon ET,
*Rumors of USG effort to get rid of private SWBC out of band
*WYFR had to leave 17525 for 17535, due to FEMA 17520.4 USB at 17-19
*Progress report on reconstructing WYFR building a year after
 hurricane damage there; roof, but not interior
*Katrina did not damage Florida SW stations much
*But terrible damage in New Orleans and vicinity; full details in
 DX Listening Digest, just a few notes here;
*WWL TV stream via [not any more?] and WDSU TV 
 at  And several others in LA, MS and AL
*Most important station for victims is WWL 870, the official
 emergency outlet, with large coverage, nominal 50 kW. Was knocked
 off air before hurricane hit, back after several hours and since;
 said they have 26-day fuel supply for generators, and FEMA will
 restock when needed. IBOC noise from KFUO 850 blocks WWL in St Louis
*Check Louisiana board at for latest
*Lockout by CBC against 5500 employees Aug 15 goes on, no progress by
 monthend; affecting not only English radio and TV networks, but
 French, and especially the North where CBC is the only radio/TV
 source. Much press about it, headlines such as ``Lockout Spells
 Commercial Suicide for CBC``; ``BBC Slammed Over Canadian Dispute``
 since BBC news is being carried by CBC, to displeasure of unionized
 BBC workers in Britain, also picketing
*Lockout CBC blogs include [but now
 eclipsed by Katrina matters] and maybe pirate FM in Toronto; local 
 CBC staff move to public/community stations in Calgary, Vancouver
*Ideas from CBC showed up on SW at last, RCI at 0105 UT weeknights,
 but no content details of reruns on website [9755, 11990, 13710]
*Ori Siegel, locked out, rants against CBC management
*Links to blogs:
*See for union position
*Thief near Habana puts SW broadcasts and jammers off the air by
 stealing aluminum(?) ``insulators``
*Superpower 1020, Turks & Caicos, resuming regular religious
 programming; QSL via Ron Gitschier, 68 Roxboro Dr., Palm Coast, FL
*LRA-36, 15476, Antarctica, put excellent signal into Spain August 24
 [at 2045] but still on low power emergency transmitter; return
 postage required for QSL certificate
*Tests from Merlin on 6040 0200-0230, sometimes analog, sometime DRM,
 leading up to what? Likewise on 9790 at 0023
*Robert Green, commentator on RN, forced to retire. RN hopes he will
 start a blog, and do an occasional piece for RN
*Zehlendorf, Germany, 177 kHz, switched from analog to full-time DRM,
 as of August 29, adding interference to 183 and 171 kHz stations
*Flooding in Germany on Wertach river threatened DW transmitter site
*YLE Radio Finland`s weekly Latin, Sundays 1355-1400 on 15400 is cut
 off at 1358 before it completes
*R. Serbia & Montenegro missing from 9580 in English at 0000 and 0430;
 what happened? [apparently cut back to 1745-2130 only: DXLD 5-152]
*Also missing for a week or more: 9420 from Greece at 0000-0400
*World of Radio 1285, woradio at or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK,
 73702, USA
*Thanks this week for financial support go to John S. Carson in
*R. Saint Helena needs help from listeners to encourage resumption of
 yearly SW special broadcasts, but no transmitter and budget has been
 cut. Send e-mail to radio.sthelena @
*New service, West Africa Democracy Radio, from Dakar, Senegal for 
 Liberia and vicinity tested for one week from August 18 on 17555 at
 0800-0900 in English and French via UK; later to be 6 hours a day.
 Sponsored by Open Society Initiative for West Africa, part of Soros
 Foundation --- to be constructed by Sept 20
*TWR setting up 100 kW MW in Benin on 1566, to go on air in November;
 now with HCJB assistance, plans to add SW there, to replace ELWA
*Redeemed Christian Church of God, Dove Media Group, Irving TX, plans
 SW to Nigeria on 15250 and 5050 (not 5500!), which means WWRB`s new
 client, but still not started
*Severe jamming continues against V. of People, 7120 at 17-18, 80 kHz
 wide! from Chinese jammers in Zimbabwe
*R. Uganda, 4976, running past local midnight, as late as 2235 UT,
 helpful for North American listeners; 5026 also on past 2200, but
 schedules not known
*Sudan Radio & TV plans to add 4 SW stations to cover the country
*V. of Sudan, from outside, on 7999.33 at *1530-1601* heard in Japan,
 Finland, but whence? Somewhere in Eritrea, 5 kW
*New opposition radio against Pres. Mubarak, Al-Inqaz (Salvation) so
 far on Hotbird satellite only;
*New site for Egyptian Overseas Radio, perhaps by staff member of R.
*List of FM stations in Amman, Jordan includes R. Jordan English on
 96.3 for streaming
*Al Tajdeed Radio hate broadcasts exposed in UK; produced there but
 transmitted from elsewhere. Supports al-Qa`eda [and raided, banished
 from satellite]
*AIR Bangalore testing with 500 kW to N India on 9425, FM Gold
 programs, 0130-0530, 0830-1230 // Aligarh 9470; news in English at
 1500 on 9425
*New 60m channels for AIR: Bhopal 4870, Shimla 4980, Gangtok 4810,
 Delhi 5020 but not until B-05
*SLBC Sri Lanka jumped from 7300 to 7312.5 0030-04, 08-1530 // 11905
*R. Liberty reporter in Uzbekistan jailed for 6 months, for insulting
 government official; RFE calls it a kangaroo court
*New schedule for Holy Tibet program from Lhasa: 0700 on 9490, 9580,
 at 1630 on 7125, 7385, and others
*China Radio International changing its name in English to China
 Broadcast Network, matching
*Bangladesh Betar last SW transmitter is failing, no spare parts for
 tube unit; check 7185, English at 1230-1300, 1815-1900
*R. Pilipinas, English 0200-0330 on new 17665, // 11885 15270
*Wantok Radio Light, Papua New Guinea, coming in better even in E NAm:
 TN Aug 23 0750-0902; NH Aug 30 1020-1035
*RNZI changing a frequency Sept 4: 9520 at 11-13 ex-9885; let`s hope
 unpredictable V. of Indonesia does not reactivate 9525
*International Radio Exhibition [IFA] in Berlin, Sept 3; includes SWL
 meeting, at 1500 UT in Borussian House of Agriculture, near Olympia
 Stadium station, including Wolfram Hess
*Dmitri Mezin`s True Sounds audio archive of SW recordings has been
*Propagation outlook from Boulder Aug 30; flux range 85-100
*Much more at
*Glenn Hauser concluding World of Radio #1285  ###