WORLD OF RADIO #1286, produced September 7, 2005 by Glenn Hauser
      [for full credits listen to show or consult recent DXLDs]

*New edition of Continent of Media 05-08 at and
*Another internet stadtion carying WOR is KLC, Lewis & Clark College,
 Portland OR, Thursdays 1800 UT from Sept 15
*Disaster area acronyms: Al-la-miss, Lou-sip-bama, or Lou-sip-bam-ida
*By Sept 2, 870 was not just WWL, but United Radio Broadcasters of New
 Orleans, joining Entercom with Clear Channel; website improved
 with message boards,
*Recording of URBONO announcement a few days later -- made on SW from
 new relay via WHRI, since UT Sept 5, on 5835 at night; initially
 posted SW schedule on WWL website was wrong, finally fixed, but for
 how long? On 5835, 11785, 15285, 9840 [apparently finished as of mid-
 day Sept 8 tho schedule included Saturday, Sunday]; internet feed
 with a minute delay, PSAs covering up ads, WHRI IDs covering up
 content. SW relays never heard mentioned on URBONO itself; useful all
 over NAm, rather than in the disaster area {No, tho irregular, URBONO
 SW did continue on Sept 9}
* leads to live streaming
*WWL gets a lot of press about its public service, such as Wall Street
*Times-Picayune, has lots of news on this
*WASO, 730, Covington LA, which had been dark, seized by St. Tammany
 parish for emergency use. Was non-direxional, 250/25 watts, but
 likely 250 at night now
*KGLA, 1540, Gretna LA, [R. Tropical], back on air Sept 2 with
 emergency info in Spanish, 24 hours instead of daytime only, 1 kW
*Emergency communications is main purpose for ham radio, tho seldom
 practiced. Hundreds of hams helping out, with emergency nets 7285/
 3873; health and welfare, 7290/3935; SATERN 14265/7265 +/-
*Computer World Sept 6 had nice writeup about amateur radio
*Red Cross asked for 500 more hams to assist in shelters
*In Astrodome, Houston, efforts to set up ASAP 30-watt LPFM station
 for evacuees. FCC quickly granted license, but Dome bureaucracy kept
 it from happening;  A myriad of
 radios and even more batteries standing by for this, but more needed
 [on 95.3, about to start Sept 8, waiting on earphones]
*Kim Andrew Elliott ordered by management not to appear on Talk to
 America as scheduled on VOA, Friday Sept 2 at 1605. Excuse is making
 it a ``news`` rather than a ``talk`` program
*CBC lockout continues, but a dozen articles had been agreed upon by
 Sept 2 with Canadian Media Guild. CBC TV news is a sorry excuse. Some
 locked-out CBC staff come back on other stations for time being;
 Andy Barrie on CIUT 89.5, U. of Toronto morning show at 6-8 am ET M-F
*Canadian Press and Broadcast News staff remove bylines to protest
 being made virtual scabs with CBC buying news from CP/BN
*RCI in Portuguese to Brasil, 2330 weekends on 11825, missing due to
*The media magazine you monitor with your mind, World of Radio 1286, P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702, USA; or woradio
*Thanks this week for financial support via PayPal go to Dennis Sivert
*Standard disclaimer
*Puerto Rico finally has a webcasting public radio station, WRTU, R.
 Universidad, with Latin music, English public
 radio shows
*New La Voz del Norte, in Santa Cruz del Norte, Provincia La Habana,
 Cuba, on 102.5 FM
*Venezuelan radio and TV stations must now reserve 2 hours a day for
 Venezuelan productions, not overnight, mainly affecting music outlets
 for young people, which play Anglo-Saxon music
*R. Amazonas, Venezuela, nominal 4939.66, heard instead on 5032
 variable, Aug 29 at 2239, completely distorted; later on 5036, and by
 Sept 7 on 5042; not a good idea with Cuba, CR and USA around
*R. Lider, Bogota, was active earlier this year, but gone for months;
 returned Sept 2 at 0550...1000 on 6139.78, but missing again the next
 3 days; around 0300, 6140 occupied by Turkey, Cuba
*R. 8 de Setembro, Descalvado, Sao Paulo state, planned to return to
 the air on 1 September, 2490 kHz, 09-01 UT, 250 watts to be increased
 to 1600; no reports yet, but someone mentioned 1590, probably a
 receiver-produced -900 kHz image
*R. Baluarte, Puerto Iguazu, Argentina, 6214.15v, getting out better,
 to Europe, to Sweden at 0450, 2145; to Portugal at 2332. Improved
*RTE Ireland resumes special SW broadcasts for major sporting events,
 hurling finals Sept 11, football finals Sept 25, Sundays 13-17 UT,
 beamed only to Africa, 21730 via Woofferton, 17680 Ascension, 15255
 changing from South Africa to Ascension at 1430
*WRN in London soon testing DRM on 26 MHz band, for local coverage
 from direxional aerial in Croydon; also on SW from SE Europe, no
*Orfordness UK on 1296 kHz, tested DRM before, but from Aug 31 in DRM
*VT Merlin announces that BBCWS commences a phase 1 DRM service to
 Europe, 12 hours a day from Rampisham on SW to Germany. Also hired
 12 hours a day from Kvitsoy, Norway, 07-16 on 9470, 16-19 on 7465 but
 this has been heard as late as 2309, despite WWCR on 7465 from 2200
*Czech foreign minister pleads with British FM not to cancel BBCWS
 Czech service
*Peter Senger says DW will cease analog transmission to Europe next
 year in order to ``force listeners in Europe to buy DRM receivers``!
*And from B-05, DW reformatting German service, to be customized for
 targets, rather than 4-hour schedule repeated
*V. of Russia made some seasonal frequency changes first Sudnay in
 Sept: some new ones in English: Europe at 15 on 9810, 11980; 17 on
 7390, 9820; 20-21 on 7310, 7330; NAm 01-03 7180; 03-05 5900 and 7180
*R. Serbia & Montenegro schedule contracted to 1745-2100 only to
 Europe on 6100 including English at 1830; except at 19-1930 in
 Spanish on 7200. North American service not heard since Junend 
*V. of Greece, 9420 missing for more than a week, but back Sept 5;
 breakdown not fixed until engineer returned
*R. Cairo almost slashed 25 languages, but saved by Omar Bateesha of
 ERTU who opposed the plan; realizes value of SW
*V. of Turkey frequency change Sept 4 to NAm, English at 22 on 7300
*V. of Tibet pleads with China not to jam new service for Tibetans in
 India, 14-1430 and 1530-16 on 17550
*AWR still plans to resume producing Wavescan, sometime, moved from
 England to Singapore
*RNZI new 9520 at 11-13 worse in Missouri than 9885 was; another
 change is to 9630 at 1751-1850
*National Radio, Concert Radio and RNZI started experimental live
 streaming: via
*WWL relay on 15285 faded out at 1725 UT Sept 7, due to return of
 active sunspot group
*Propagation outlook from Boulder Sept 6; flux range 110-75
*Glenn Hauser, concluding World of Radio 1286  ###