WORLD OF RADIO  #1287, produced September 14, 2005 by Glenn Hauser
    [for full credits listen to show or consult recent DXLDs]

*From October, World of Radio via WRN on Sirius Satellite Radio will
 be on a new channel, 140, Sat & Sun 1730 UT, Sun 0830. BBCWS to
 ch 141, BBC Radio 1 to ch 11, R. Korea to 183; no word yet on where
 new Canadian channels will go
*XM satellite radio applies for 5000 indoor signal boosters in stores
 where XM reception is inadequate; don`t be fooled
*7-page VOA program guide in pdf as of last May at
*Each IBB/VOA station has a slightly different version of sign-on/off
*R. Free Asia new president is Libby Liu, ex-VP for Admin & Finance
*Pictures of WRUL/WNYW/WYFR from Hatherley Beach, Scituate, MA, 1937-
 1979 wanted for
*WWL relays via WHRI continue; see and click on
 Shortwave link. URBONO is pronounced yer-ba-NOH
*More streaming linx from Lousipbama:
*50-100 Gulf Coast stations remained dark as of Sept 7; one forum
 trying to keep track of them is Louisiana board of
*WWL 870 had been half power of 25 kW, but back to 50 from Sept 14
 and well heard as far away as NY and OR
*US lacks unified emergency radio system:
*Harry Helms says the solution is to move such comms to satellites,
 not subject to earthly disasters; Richard Cuff says hams need to
 embed themselves in emergency preparedness agencies
*Red Cross still needs hams to replace those who have already been
 volunteering and are burning out
*LPFM for Astrodome kept getting sidetracked by Dome officials, even
 tho FCC gave permission; finally went on air from outside in parking
 lot, from Sept 13 at noon on 95.3, 6 watts, as Dome Radio, or KAMP =
 Katrina Aftermath Media project Radio. But cannot be legal call,
 since the real KAMP-LP is in St. Michael, Alaska, on 92.9. [KH5XIM]
 Planned to add streaming, see
 Also see Village Voice:
*WMOB, 1360, Mobile AL, went to 5 kW non-direxional at night
*WTNI, 1640, Biloxi MS, was washed away, opening frequency for KFXY
 Enid to be heard, but as of Sept 13, WTNI is on again, relaying FM
*Charlie Rose PBS show, lacking in states like OK, is webcast on one
 radio station, 0300 UT weeknights, WGVU; link at
*And several stations carry soundtrack of PBS Newshour with Jim Lehrer
*26th edition of National Radio Club AM Radio Log is published,
 indispensable; ordering info at
 in print only, comprehensive listing by frequency of all AM stations
 in US and Canada, with cross references
*Local railroad communications heard via
*Another locked-out site providing news missing on CBC: or .com
*Lockout in 5th week, and CBC not greatly missed by Canadian public;
 Tory says CBC not worth its cost. Canadian Media Guild says no one is
 accountable at CBC, with Pres. Rabinovitch also serving as temp BOD
 chairman, and most BOD members are new and inexperienced
*The 1,287th World of Radio, woradio at or P O Box 1684,
 Enid, OK 73702, USA;
*Welcome this week to our new affiliate, KLC at Lewis & Clark College,
 Portland OR, Thursdays at 11 am PDT = 1800 UT
*Times on this show are 24-hour Coordinated Universal Time
*Superpower 1020, gospel from Turks & Caicos, now expects to resume
 full-time operation the first week in October
*R. Rebelde, 1180, back up to usual strength blocking Marti; and on
 Sept 10, ``air`` Marti still missing from 530
*Swede involved with La Voz de la Resistencia, FARC guerrilla group in
 Colombia; he visited a station, story and pix in Spanish: 
 Dick Emanuelsson has close personal ties with the guerrillas, set up
 website in Sweden, moved to Denmark, sponsors charged with terrorism
*Hot Bolivian now is on 4781.35, Radio Tacana, in Tumupasa, Iturralde,
 La Paz; Ecuadorian on almost same frequency. Tacana closed at 0212 UT,
 heard in Ecuador, Sweden, Netherlands
*IBB/VOA Botswana relay manager welcomes direct reports for QSL:
 Thomas Powell, tpowell @
*R. Peace, Sudan, 4750, not heard in FL at 0300; but 5895 heard in
 Germany until 1758*
*V. of Sudan, from Eritrea, 7999.33, signs on at 1530 [until 1600]
*Westway, soap opera canceled by BBCWS and about to wind up, but they
 could have killed it off with tube bombings in July
*Danmarks Radio to reduce budget by 95 megakroner over 2 years cutting
 100 jobs, and news in English and 5 other languages; and turn off MW
 1062 and LW 243, most likely by Jan 1, 2007, but languages off by end
 of this year
*Sunday, Sept 25, another VLF transmission on 17.2 kHz from SAQ Sweden
 at 0930, 1230
*R. Sweden carrying out DRM tests to Europe from Sackville, 1815-1845 
 on 15120 for 4 days from Sept 12, but maybe extended; 20 over 9 in OK
 with buzz, and eats up bandwidth in FL
*Reshet Gimmel, Israel, added live webfeed via
*IBA now has a board of governors and a permanent director general to
 be appointed in Nov; then may decide the fate of external service
*Israel Radio testing to Asia at 0930-1030, Sept 11-17 on 17600, Sept
 18-24 on 15760, to assess whether this is better than 0330, starting
 with English [however, was still on 17600 Sept 19]
*DST ends very late this year in Israel, Oct 9
*Other timeshifts on unusual dates: Sept 21 Iran, Sept 23 Mongolia,
 Sept 29 Egypt, Tunisia, Sept 30 Syria, Oct 1 Iraq, NZ, Tasmania
*Ramadan this year is approx. Oct. 4-Nov. 2
*Tnx to Indian aid, 100 kW SW transmitter and 7 antennas being
 installed at Yakatut, Kabul, to go on air this month, for exterior
 and remote areas of Afghanistan
*Indian hams still find lots of spurs on 40m from AIR Chennai and
*V. of Tibet to India at 1354-1427, 1527-1600 via Dushanbe 100 kW
 17550, shifting to 7465 for B-05
*R. Tajikistan reconfirmed with English external at 1645-1700 on 7245
*Kang Guru Radio English on RRI heard on 9680, 1000-1020 Wed & Sun
*DXpedition to Kure Atoll, K7C underway shortly. Hams converged on
 Honolulu to leave by boat Sept 15 for 9 day voyage to Kure, then
 active Sept 24-Oct 6 with 4 stations, 160 to 6 meters, CW, SSB, RTTY;
 And more about atoll at
*Wake Island DX-pedition Sept 18-30, KH9/W0CN
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, Sept 16; flux range 115-75-95
*Thomas Giella expects severe geomag storming, K=9 and visible aurora, 
 Sept 15
*Standard disclaimer
*Glenn Hauser, concluding World of Radio 1287 ###