WORLD OF RADIO #1288, produced September 20, 2005 by Glenn Hauser
     [for full credits listen to show or consult recent DXLDs]

*Standard disclaimer
*We are back on Radio Studio X, Momigno, Italy, 1584 kHz, UT Sat 2300
 = 1 am Sundays CEST; plus unscheduled repeats
*WOR also on the reading service via WOSU-FM Columbus OH subcarrier,  Saturdays at 0400 UT = midnight EDT
*New clandestine, V. of Independence of Iranian Kurdistan, approx.
 15-16 UT, frequency varying, 4400, 4410, 4000; and V. of Independence
 on 4160 until 1630*. V. of Iranian Revolution, since 1983, jumping
 around at 1715 on 3880.4, 4395.7, 6391.2; later to 3871; 3880.6,
 4365.1, 6420
*R. Tashkent, Uzbekistan frequency changes; English at 1200 and 1330
 on 11905 ex-7285, also on 5060, 9715. German at 1955 on 5055, but
 English at 2130 on 5060
*Sri Lanka reducing external services; monitored sked from 0030-04 7275 despite All India Radio Chennai; and 11905.
 08-1230 on 7275, 11905 = overlapping Tashkent as above! 1610-1840
*BBS Bhutan still heard on 6035 at 0230 and 03 in South Asia; only
 chance over here around sign-on 01, until sign-off 13
*Bangladesh Betar breakdown was for only 2 days, again running on
 7185, English 1230-13, 1815-19
*New director of BB: Mr. Setub Uddin Ahmed
*Que Huong Radio, via Vladivostok, 15680, at 12-1230 with jamming?
*New French Pacific station heard on 729 kHz; turns out not to be
 Vanuatu which will replace 1125 and 1179 kHz transmitters, but from
 Touho, New Caledonia
*ABC Western Australia relayed on 7875-USB 1030-1130, from where?
*XERTA, Mexico City, heard on 4810; must tune to lower side to avoid
 noise on high side; is 24 hours, but weekends only. QSL packet
 included card, letter, 8 picture post cards in 40 days for $1 rp;
 explaining why they broadcast only on weekends; doesn`t make sense
*Havana on new 5055 since Sept 16 around 0300 and earlier, apparently
 testing in preparation for very low winter night MUFs: even 6 MHz not
 propagating well, 5 MHz better like Rebelde 5025
*Bad news for TIFC Costa Rica, 5054.6 variable, low modulation at
*R. Amazonas, Venezuela, nominal 4940, heard on 5039 Sept. 20 at 1003
 distorted and overmodulated
*GBC Guyana, Sept 18 at 0201 on 3291.17, low modulation, also at 2231
 on 3291.12 with no mod; also on 3291.14 a numbers station at 0421
 Sept 17. Sept 18 09-1030 on 3291.12, poor audio
*WOR 1288, P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA; or woradio at
 Much more info including DXLD archive:
*Thanks this week for financial support via PayPal go to Jerry Kiefer
*Exactly what causes and why can`t they get rid of `generator whine`
 on frequencies such as BBC via French Guiana at 13-14 on 15190?
*HCJB has to dismantle Pifo antennas in two years; no plans yet to
 replace them in Ecuador, and services to Europe cancelled
*Bolivian on 4905 at 1003 would be R. San Miguel, 4904.96
*unID on 5905 seems Bolivian, at 2230-2258, maybe Tupiza, and also
 heard in Uruguay on 5907-8, distorted, at 1930-2030, peaking at 23
*ANATEL in Brasil authorizes first digital radio tests with US IBOC
 system, on 1150, Globo Minas, Belo Horizonte; and 100 kW on 600,
 Radio Gaucha, Porto Alegre; plus two FM stations; tests for one year,
 maybe not started yet
*R. Guaruja Paulista, on new 9715, 24 hours, 10 kW; but also used by
 WYFR and Portugal
*Expected to reactivate on 4855: R. Por Um Mundo Melhor, Minas Gerais
*SODRE, Uruguay, heard in Portugal on 9620.6 with opera at 2238-2249
*Zimbabwe harmonic on 6612, heard in Portugal at 2211-2226, nothing
 audible on 3306; so is it accidental or deliberate, putting out most
 power on 2x? Also heard in Ohio at 2315; Peru at 0405
*R. Peace, Sudan, measured in Sweden, at 1830* 3 Hz below 4750; and
 at 1705, 4 Hz below 5895
*Germany`s 177 kHz fulltime DRM: try to DX it trans-Atlantically
*Peter Senger`s remarks about DRM and DW: more DRM on 6075 but outside
 peak listening hours to start, still partly analog. But wants to
 establish DRM ASAP; donate conventional radios to museum. Some in
 audience were not amused by this. Sorry, ``es tut mir leid``
*R. Sweden`s Saturday Show, 1967-1981, some episodes now available on 
*R. Filia, Greece, English at 1830-19 moved to 7475, to avoid KSDA
*Michael Ketter of WBCQ suffered a heart attack Sept 14, stable but
 critical in Pittsburgh
*Church of the Subgenius Hour of Slack, now on WBCQ 7415, Sundays 21
 UT, hear it to believe;
*Signs of life on WRMI webstream, now shoutcast mp3, via
*WRNO SW site in New Orleans came thru Katrina virtually unscathed;
 only a large tree fell on power lines. Target date now late October
 for resuming SW
*WHRI relay of URBONO/WWL faked us out by disappearing, then coming
 back. Still going Sept 20 [BUT gone again Sept 22]
*LPFM in New Orleans on 94.5, guerrilla pirate station; see
*WWOZ, New Orleans, off the air, but WFMU hosts ``WWOZ in Exile`` [can`t find it Sept 22, but search the blog]
*Media Network has article by Kim Elliott on how he could not
 broadcdast emergency hurricane monitoring audio on VOA
*Dish Network on satellite added dedicated Katrina relief channel
*Per ``KAMP`` from parking lot
 outside Astrodome in Houston says real calls are KH5XIM, temp permit
 only until Oct 10, 6 watts on 95.3
*Rayon Payne ``NSX`` went to prison for pirate radio, but now
 streaming at
*Next head of NAB may be David Rehr, ex-chief of Beer Wholesalers Assn
*New 13-week series on PRI, Unfinished Journey: the Lewis & Clark
 Expedition, so far found on KGOU, KERA, WILL; from Oregon PB
*Propagation outlook from Boulder Sept 20; flux range 75-90
*Glenn Hauser concluding World of Radio 1288 ###