WORLD OF RADIO #1289, produced October 4, 2005 by Glenn Hauser
        [for full credits listen to show or consult recent DXLDs]

*October WWCR sked shows additional WOR airing: Fri 0930 on 9985
*New WOR time on WRMI with WRN overnight: Sun 0830 on 7385
*On the WOR time is now UT Wed 0000
*WOR one hour earlier on World FM, New Zealand, UT Thu 09 and 22,
 Fri 20, Sun 06 via
*Difficult for me to talk slowly, tho many listeners do not
 understand English as a native language, so our mp3 webmaster
 Andy O`Brien is experimenting with producing a spe-cial Eng-lish
 version of WOR at 40% slower rate, this week and next week, via
*New edition of Continent of Media 05-09 at
*New October editon of amateur Nets to You via
*And the frequently updated DX/SWL/Media programs list
*Kim Andrew Elliott appearances on VOA Talk to America have ended
*Wildfire in Los Angeles quite close to KVOH, and missing from
 17775 for several days, but back since Oct 3, ``safe and sound``
*WBCQ shifted 5105 to 5110 to avoid RTTY and FEMA
*WRMI October schedule shows a lot more WRN relays instead of
 Brother Scare, on 7385: Daily 04-09; M-F 1330-1555, 20-21; Sat 1330-
 16; DX Partyline changed on Sundays from 1330 to 1430; Mundo Radial
 changed to Sun 1030-1045 on 9955, jammed. Check WRN schedule for
 all the countries relayed; Viva Miami added Sun 15-16 on 7385
*WWL and URBONO SW relay schedules on WHRI still heard weekends on
 5835 after 05; weekdays 12-14 on 11785; daily 14-20 on 15285 [but
 not since Sunday Oct 9]
*WWL 870 at night with interference form Illinois daytimer, WINU,
 Shelbyville, 500 watts, not just after sunset but after midnight;
 hardline gospel format, and not the first time
*WTNI 1640 Biloxi MS back on air but not full power, weak in FL,
 relaying WUJM 96.7 FM country; yet DXed in Italy
*Blessings for Obedience ministry, specializing in handing out fixed-
 tuned radios like North Korea, has set up a station off New Orleans, 
 250 watts on 107.9, KS5XAE, aboard the the ship ``Hope``, 18 hpd
*WA2XMN, at the Armstrong tower in NJ, plans another broadcast Sun Oct
 9 at 2130-2330 with ceremony from NYC, panel discussing Armstrong.
*New 39-week season of New York Philharmonic underway from Oct 3;
 including ondemand for two weeks:
*James Bean has new website with archives:
*We are both on RFPI, and on --- Spiritual
 Awakening, Sat 1730, Sun 2130, Tue 2300
*RCI scheduled on 9515, 13655 and 17800 in mornings, but past two or 
 three weeks one or two missing, 12-15 weekdays, 13-16 weekends. Is 
 Sackville falling apart, the only fixers locked out? Being run by 
 replacement engineers from Montreal with different union
*DRM suspended from Sackville due to spare part, afternoons on 9800
*Pressure from federal labour minister and hockey fans finally led to
 settlement of CBC lockout; CMG union expected to ratify agreement,
 resuming regular programming from second week in October
*R. Pirata, 1050, XEQOO in Cancun is now Imagen 1050, part of Imagen 
 Informativa network based in Mexico City, with English twice daily at 
 1030 and 0400; per website --- it is 
 presented by Ana Maria Salazar, also 15-16 Sat & Sun, Living in 
 Mexico, and streamed. Lots of discussion and opinion, but useful due 
 to lack of English SW programming from Mexico
*R. Educacion, 6185 supposed to be night only 23-11 UT, but Spanish
 heard there at 1500 UT; what else could it be?
*Beware if looking for El Salvador`s R. Imperial varying 17838-17839,
 for there is a spur from Delano 17705 relaying V. of Greece in same 
 area; no problem aftrer 2200
*Standard disclaimer
*The media magazine you  monitor with your mind, World of Radio 1289,
 P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702, USA or woradio at
 See for much more info
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Gerald T. Pollard
*R. Rebelde, Cuba heard on new 11682.5 at 1305, // 5025
*V. of Guyana during morning grayline around 0940 on 3291.13,
 Bollywood music
*R. Lider, Colombia, back one day only Sept 2, but again Sept 28 for
 several days; all night on 6139.78v. They keep offering a gift to 
 listeners who write in, but never send it
*La Voz de tu Conciencia, Colombia, exchanged antenna orientations
 between 5910 and 6010, to minimise interference to Mexico on 6010;
 5910 Marfil Estereo off the air a lot lately
*R. Nacional del Peru, Cusco? heard on 4965.829; or relay by another
 station? from 1050 in Quechua
*Bolivia on 4845.18 R. Municipal is now R. Norteno
*R. Virgen del Remedio, Bolivia, at 2240-2400 varying 4679.6 to
 4679.2; and at 2320 another day on 4682.91 relaying R. Catolica
*R. Santa Cruz, Bolivia, 0932-1022 Sept 26 best ever in California, 
 on 6134.80, and better than usual in Florida; increased power or
 improved antenna?
*Head of Radio Bras says they no longer broadcast to Africa; 
 government intends to transform RB from government to public station
 like RCI
*IBOC digital MW testing from Brazil; not only 600 and 1150, but also 
 840, R. Bandeirantes, Sao Paulo
*13m band openings can be localized; Libya via France, English hour
 at 1300 on 21675 and 21695, on Sept 22 and 30, was coming in well;
 however very boring programming one day, about Libyan Jamahiriyah
 government structure
*Salama Radio International, to Nigeria, cancelled since Sept 14; was
 via UK 11885, Wed & Sun 1930-2030, not clandestine, but missionary 
 for west Africa
*Spanish Foreign Radio English to North America at 00-01 on 15385, now 
 getting covered by China jamming VOA, just like last spring. Needs to 
 go down to 11 or 9 MHz
*A number of domestic stations in Spain have English programming;
 with webcasts, see
*BBC Radio 1 John Peel Day, Thu Oct 13, anniversary of his death last
 year; see and
 lists other Peel events Oct 12 thru Nov 21
*R. Ukraine International changed all frequencies Sept 27; including
 English at 21 to Eu on 5830; 00 & 03 to NAm on 5910; 11 Eu 9925
*More QRM for Jordan 11690, China from 1600 in French
*Coalition Maritime Radio One, Information Radio, from near Bahrain,
 well heard now even in Florida on 6125-USB, clear frequency from 2352
 until Spain blocks at 0158; increased to 5 kW, maybe; also heard on
 9133-USB, at 1550 better than ever in Finland
*Re 1288, 4400 Kurdish clandestine is V. of the Struggle of Iranian
 Kurdistan, not a new station, but 50-50 in Persian, Kurdish at 15-16
 and 02-03
*News in English from Turkmenistan at 1630-1645 on 4930
*V. of Jammu & Kashmir Freedom, anti-Indian government, heard in
 Finland, 1408-1432* on 5102, 10 kW listed
*All India Radio Chennai clashed with Sri Lanka which moved to 7275;
 then Chennai moved to 7270, but that is occupied by BBC
*V. of Tibet, clandestine for India rather than Tibet, not via
 Tajikistan but instead Madagascar per RN schedule, 17550 at 14-1430
 & 1530-16 
*NHK has terminated its lowpower SSB SW relays on 3, 5, 6, 9 MHz
*Lao National Radio, English 7145 1330-1402* heard in Japan
*New target broadcast for Vietnam via Taiwan on 9795, Sat & Sun 15-16,
 name and source unknown; KNLS same frequency but audible in Vietnam
*Wantok Radio Light, Papua New Guinea, best in Finland at 15-16 on
 7120 before QRM starts
*R. Vanuatu, 8 kW, schedule: 19-21 & 05-11 on 3945, 21-05 on 7260;
 times approx as no remote control
*ABC Western Australia relays on 7875-USB no longer heard as of Sept
 27; was temp for football final
*RNZI to shut down more than usual at 2135-0400 for daytime work on
 antenna and new transmitter; still 24h on internet; 15720 to be
*Propagation outlook from Boulder October 4; flux range 85-90-75
*That concludes another WOR, 1289. I`m Glenn Hauser; hope you`ve
 enjoyed the show and will hear me again, next week  ###