WORLD OF RADIO #1291, produced October 26, 2005 by Glenn Hauser
       [for full credits listen to show or consult recent DXLDs]

*Standard disclaimer
*Most of North America and Europe go off DST Oct 30 and on same date
 SW stations around the world make seasonal time and/or frequency
*Less confusing if you go by UT than local time, but some SW stations
 make one-hour time change, others do not
*Expected WOR times on our SW stations: WBCQ: Wed 23 7415, Thu 00
 17495, Sun & Mon 04 on 9330, Mon 0515 on 7415, Wed 0030 on 7415
*Days of week are also in UT, so Wed 0030 = Tue evening in NAm
*WWCR: Thu 2130 15825 (Dec-Jan-Feb 7465); Sun 0330 5070, 0730 3215
 [not 3210], Wed 1030 9985
*WRMI: Sat 22, Sun 0930 and 15 on 7385 [but see below, off for Wilma]
*On WRN: to NAm, Sat & Sun 1830, Sun 0930; rest of World, Sat 0900
*Almost all our AM, FM and internet outlets are one UT hour later,
 except in NZ, already one UT hour earlier
*Mundo Radial now on 7465, Mon & Fri 2215; WRMI Sun 1130 on 9955
*Bill Lauterbach ceased production of DX Radio School, such as UT
 Sun 0330 5070, 0430 from next week, replacement unknown [repeats
 continue for time being]
*WBCQ staying on 5110 all night with Good Friends, 23-10; soon 00-11
*Church of Subgenius Hour of Slack, Sun 21 on 7415, moved to UT Sun
 0000 on 7415, soon 0100; Sun at 22 now has repeat of This Week in
 Amateur Radio, from 25 hours earlier
*WBCQ plans after-hours programming late Hallowe`en night, from 0430
 UT Nov 1 on 7415
*Ed Bolton announced Amos and Andy going off the air at Octoberend,
 had been M-F 0400 on 7415 [so will WOR shift to 0500 UT Mon?]
*WRMI went off as precaution ahead of Hurricane Wilma, but still off
 due to power outage, and damage to North American antenna;
 [see for latest updates]
*WYFR also missing from multiple SW frequencies following Wilma;
 due to lack of power, and considerable damage to antenna field
 [returned at least partially Oct 29]
*Anna L. Case, former frequency manager for VOA, GJA, died Oct 16;
*Follow-up to last week about Mark McKinnon appointment to
 Broadcasting Board of Governors, is he a Democrat or Republican?
 Redesignated Republican to fill that vacant seat
*House Republicans want to eliminate public broadcasting, NEA to fund
 Katrina recovery, ``Operation Offset``
*New FCC Chariman Kevin Martin has shaken up agency, replacing bureau
 chiefs, to clean out predecessor Michael Powell`s staff
*CBC Radio 3 voice Alexis Mazurin died at 27 of heart attack
*Mary Lou Finley, As It Happens host, retiring from CBC November 30
*CBC Radio 1 afternoon program Roundup replaced by Freestyle Nov 7
*Ideas definitely continues; exec producer celebrates 40th anniversary
 with new book of material from show
*Contary to last week, West Africa Democracy Radio return to SW still
*Channel Africa B05 English schedule [not requoted here]
*Change for V. of People, from Madagscar to Zimbabwe, 1659-1757: 11705
 replaces 7120
*V. of Tanzania [Zanzibar], with English news at 1800 as Spice FM on
 11735 heard better in Alaska than NH
*R. Waaberi, to Somalia on 17660 ex 17550, Fri 1330-14 via Germany
*R. Cairo tentative B-05 English [not requoted here]
*IAR, Rome Radio, says it closes down all radiotelegrapy Oct 31; was
 heard on 8670
*Confirmed that BBC World Service will close 10 languages to afford
 new Arabic TV service: Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Greek, Hungarian,
 Kazakh, Polish, Slovak, Slovene, Thai, by next March. Lots of
 negative reaction from countries losing services, and British Left
*via kHz, MHz, GHz, World of Radio 1291, woradio at or
 P O Box 1684, Enid, Ok 73702, USA for
 much more in DX Listening Digest, and our new schedule
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Sean Martin, Albuquerque
*R. Netherlands programming changes include Amsterdam Forum moving
 from Sat to Sun with 1-hour format; Sat now has Saturday Connexions,
 with comment and analysis from correspondents, like Wide Angle, and
*R. Netherlands B-05 English frequencies, in part [not requoted here]
 [to Africa at 18-21 is on 11655 and 9895 for all three hours]; new to
 New Zealand at 05 on 11710 Bonaire; no more MW or SW to Europe
*Alfa Lima International, pirate in Netherlands, active last weekend
 and expected back, on 15069.4, from 1400 or so into the evening
*Certain hours in English from Deutsche Welle which should be audible
 in NAm [not requoted here]
*R. Sweden B-05 English includes: 0230 & 0330 via Sackville 6010; on
 15240 at 1330 direct, 1430 via Sackville; to Australia via Madagsacar
 at 2030 on 7420
*R. Slovakia B-05 English [not requoted here]
*R. Polonia`s only English, B-05: 13-14 9525, 11850; 18 7265, 7220;
 310 azimuth best for NAm is on 11850
*R. Ukraine International keeps September changed frequencies, but
 English times shift: Eu 12 9925, 22 5840; NAm 01 & 04 on 5910
*R. Tirana, Albania, sked last week already changed: Eu 1945-20 on
 7530 and 7465; NAm in Albanian at 00-0130 on 6215 and new 7455 which
 also has English later. And English is daily except Sundays or UT
*R. Budapest B-05 English [not requoted here]; still Slovakia relays
 on 6025 at part of the times
*R. Romania International Listeners Day is Sunday November 6, when 
 listeners may contribute to programming on subject of Man and Nature;
 live on the 1300 UT broadcast [15105, 17745], send to eng @ 
*R. Bulgaria, B-05 English [not requoted here]
*Kol Israel still goiing, B-05 English [not requoted here]
*R. Jordan in English well heard in Ontario untl 1730, so already
 made time shift, [WTFK? on 11690!], from 1400
*Sri Lanka merged Hindi and English in evening, 1330-1530 on 11905,
*IBC London in Tamil, B-05 moved to 6055 at 00-01 [same as Spain to
 North America]
*All India Radio abandons 3 MHz band from Oct 30, changing to:
 Bhopal on 4810, Shimla 4980, Delhi too [5020] [but not really as of
 Oct 30]
*Bhutan not shutting down SW service, but continuing and expanding,
 to get another 100 kW transmitter from India; bids open in Nov
*V. of Indonesia again heard on 9525, English at 0800; open carrier
 also heard some days between 13 and 16, kilowasting kilowatts
*RNZI B-05 English [not requoted here]
*Three Huancabamba, Peru stations reported busted by authorities,
 but still heard: R. La Voz de las Huarinjas, 6819.39 at 0100; and
 R. Difusora La Poderosa, until 0005 on 6536.03
*On 5949.717 at 0230, R. Bethel, Arequipa, Peru, reactivated; also
 heard at 1100; and at 2305
*R. Bosques, Argentine pirate, reportedly changed to 6460
*unID Latin American on 6125 at 0018 may be SODRE, Uruguay; after
 0100 also a spur from Cuba [now occupied by Spain]
*Propagation outlook from Boulder October 25; flux peaking at 80
*Glenn Hauser concluding World of Radio 1291 ###