WORLD OF RADIO #1295, produced November 29, 2005 by Glenn Hauser
      [for full credits listen to show or consult recent DXLDs]

*Standard disclaimer
*New B-05 schedules in time and frequency order now complete from and updated as changes are made
*HFCC B-05 is up, but 15% of info deleted; but remaining listings more
 detailed, zipped only, from public data at
*COM 05-09 = WOR Extra 63 last week at this time, but a new COM 05-10
 is now available online only via
*And new edition of Mundo Radial, via
*WRMI 7385 back on air 3.5 weeks after Wilma, UT Nov 17, but with temp
 antenna, inverted-V dipole while log-periodic being repaired
*WRMI scheduling changes include: WOR Sun 1400 and 2230 on 7385
*SSB relays of AFRTS: 5765 Guam heard at 1300, 6350 Hawaii, 7590
 Iceland; Nov 19 Florida Keys back on air, 12133.5 and 7811 around
 1530, also at night 5446.5
*Almost all VOA English now from overseas sites; only broadcasts from
 USA: to Af 04-05 9575, 05-0630 6035, 19-22 15580, via Greenville; to
 LAm 0130-02 Tu-Sa 7405 9775 Greenville, 13740 Delano. 15580 has QRM
 from KTBN 15590 buzz
*For B-05, VOA no longer using Greenville-A site, just -B. A is on
 caretaker status, two techs on site; unknown if will be cleared or
 rust away. IBB says ``not on air 24 hours``, like 0 hours! Maybe
 could be brought back for emergency use
*Proposal to turn former VOA Greenville site into strip club nixed
*Greenville 7405 mixes with R Marti 6030 landing on 4655 until 0200
 weeknights, interfering with R. Centinela del Norte, Peru on 4654.96
*WEWN keeps making frequency changes, latest being 5085 ex-5875 at 00-
 05; Dave Frantz not pleased since FCC previously ordered WWRB off
 5085. WEWN taking its chances [and gone in another week, to 6875!]
*WEWN relays Vatican Radio news on the hour in English, e.g. 2200 on
*Ken Berryhill music shows, ex-WWCR, still on WRVU Vanderbilt Univ,
 Mon 18-20 UT, webcast  
*Addition to new COM about the late Gary Bourgois: website of shows
 and tributes
*Harmonic from Fair Bluff, NC, 4440, WZFB at 0045, 3 x 1480, 48 watts?
*Spanish on 1670 Sat evening is WMWR, Macon GA, otherwise Fox sports
 in English; second 1670 station heard is Radio Voix Divine, Haitian
 pirate in Boston, ``WRVD``
*MW DX test season begins Dec 4, early Sun 0606-0615+ UT for KKLF 1700
 Richardson TX with Morse code IDs
*Greenland now heard in NAm on 3815-USB, at Newfoundland DX Pedition,
 Nov 8 at 2133-2212; now how about further inland, even in US?
*10 kW transmitter for Radio UNAM, Mexico on 9600 supposed to be
 testing now [no, further delays]
*R. Educacion, Mexico DF, 6185, supposed to be nighttime only, but I
 occasionaly hear it in daytime, as late as 1600
*ZNS3 810 in Freeport, Bahamas, about to be blocked in Florida by new
 station, already testing, WEUS, 10 kW day, 400 watts night, with null
 toward Freeport
*R. Amazonas, Venezuela heard on 5535, 5115 jumping from 4940v
*Colombian MW harmonic, 2620.26, Microfono Civico, Palermo, Huila, at
 1000 heard in Ecuador
*R. Centinela del Norte, 4654.96, somewhere in Northern Peru, heard
 Nov 18 until 0130, schedule 10-02; Marti spur should not be a problem
 on weekends
*Very active Argentina feeder is 11133.0-LSB with La Red, mostly
 sports, heard around 0200, 0312 
*South American around 6214.1 was R. Baluarte, Puerto Iguazu,
 Argentina, heard at 2324 in Portugal, 0152-0240+ in FL, mixing
 Portuguese and Spanish; now with different ID of FM station, R.
 Armonia, 100.7, at 2317-2353
*Via AM, FM, SW, satellite, internet, World of Radio 1295, woradio at or PO Box 1684, Enid OK 73702 USA;
 with DXLD archive
*Tnx this week for financial support via PayPal go to Andy Lawendel
*Expensive ham DX-pedition to Peter I off Antarctic Coast is trying
 again this summer, in Feb; details at
 [beware: sound launches automatically]
*Shannon Aeradio, Ireland, 3413-USB heard in OK with VOLMET aero
 weather at 0048 and 0638; is continuous except 5-minute breaks at 25
 and 55 past hours; for VOLMET info see
 Shannon`s own site with online reception report form:
*R. six international, Scotland special for St. Andrew`s Day, Wed Nov
 30: 17-18 on 9290 Latvia, 21-23 5110 WBCQ, UT Thu Dec 1 01-03 on 7585
*France Bleu, Alsace, 1278 kHz includes Alsatian language, mix of
 German and French; local programming until 1815, MW in Alsatian 06-12
*DW improved website layout
*Tnx to WRMI 7385 relaying WRN, Banns Radio International, a.k.a.
 Copenhagen Calling, Denmark, is again on SW, UT Sun 0630-0700
*Scandinavian Weekend Radio redesigned webpage,
 but still mostly in Finnish, monthly broadcast Fri Dec 2 from 22 UT
 for 24 hours; and also Dec 24-25
*Special Radio, Thu 19-20 on 5850 in Russian, is via Uzbekistan
*R. Romania International making it to CT at 01 in English on 6150,
 among changes made Nov 20, ex-11970; also 6115 ex 6125 at 0400
*R. Tirana left marine band 6215 in Albanian at 00-0130 to NAm, for
 7455, the RTTY frequency also used later for English
*Spur on 1701.13 heard in Finland turns out to be mixing product
 from Albania relaying China until 1900 on 1214.84, leapfrogging
*West Africa Democracy Radio on 12000 at 07-09 is via Woofferton UK,
 also on 15260 Rampisham; not likely to hear in NAm
*V. of Biafra International, Sat until 2159* on 7380, mostly in
 English, via South Africa, Sat and Wed only, well heard in NAm now
*VOA to Zimbabwe, Studio 7, a rather lame name, easily heard in NAm
 at 1730-18 M-F on 17785 via Morocco
*New website from R. Mozambique with webcast, but
 difficult to connect
*R. Ethiopia home service on 13799.1 at 18 UT, very low modulation;
 happens to be same as VOA Amharic service at 18-19 on 13800, which
 shifted to 13790 to avoid such jamming
*UNMEE for Ethiopia and Eritrea, Sun 09-10 on 17670, Tue 1030-1130 on
 17565 both via UAE, including quarter hour in English
*V. of Justice, English from Iran, at 0128 on 6120, anti-American
 rhetoric like RHC, plus 9665
*All India Radio testing 9425 again with FM Rainbow programs 0130-
 0530, 0930-1230; National Channel 1320-0040, reports wanted from
*Contrary to last time, new frequency for IBC Tamil is 7110 not 7105,
 via Germany at 00-01, ex-6055 to avoid Spain
*Hmong Lao Radio via WHRI began B season on 7520 at 12, 13; now 14-15
 Sat and Sun on 11785
*Dien Bien, Vietnamese regional on 6316.8 until 1330* ex-6378 and 6442
*Chinese with numbers is just Central Weather Bureau, Taiwan, new 5170
 USB from Tainan, as well as old Taibei 8117 USB, 24 hours
*China National Radio 2nd Program on 18159.9v, not harmonic but mix of
 two old Beijing transmitters, 17625 and 17890; QRMs hamband around 07
 and 0947
*AWR Singapore says Wavescan will resume in January
*RNZI revised sked Nov 30: changes are: 1651 on 11980, 1751-2235 on
*Sudan Radio Service via UK at 1500 replaced 11665 with 15575 M-F
*United Nations Radio in English M-F 1730-1745 [NOT from 1700 as
 I misspoke] on 7170 RSA, 9565 UK, 17810 Ascension
*SESC message: National Space Weather Program undergoing decadal
 review; questionnaire to be completed via
*Propagation outlook from Boulder Nov 29; flux range 80-90-80
*Check our website for much more useful info,
*With a standard disclaimer, Glenn Hauser, here, concluding another
 World of Radio, 1295; hope you`ve enjoyed the program and will hear
 me again next week ###