WORLD OF RADIO #1296, produced December 7, 2005 by Glenn Hauser
       [for full credits listen to show or consult recent DXLDs]

*On Dec 5 and 6, Erik Koie found R. Tirana, Albania off the air,
 including English at 1945 on 7465, 7530; 2230 on 7110; Albanian to
 North America at 00 on 7455 also missing; Drita Cico, head of RT
 monitoring center also found it missing, phoned both transmitter
 sites which said they were ordered not to transmit R. Tirana external
 services until further notice, but relays of TWR and CRI would
 continue. Shijak still has first program on MW 1089. Budget cuts and
 internal fight between departments. Also may be due to electric power
 shortages caused by heavy rains, droughts. Maybe just suspended
 instead of permanently closed, but serious financial difficulties.
 1089 on limited schedule, only remaining domestic MW frequency
*R. Georgia external off the air for months, now official. Staff
 notified that foreign service being wound up, allegedly for financial
 problems; German section calls for listener protests. Had been very
 sporadic and lowly modulated for last few years; English was sked
 0630 on 11805, 0830 & 0930 on 11910
*But there is hope: new general director of Georgian RTV says closure
 only temporary, will resume when money found for repair, replacement
 of very old and outdated transmitters
*V. of Armenia new schedule includes English 1925-1945 exc Sun on 4810
 and 9965; and an unusual language, Yezidish, daily 1315-1345 on 4810,
 864. Does not mean Yiddish, maybe some connexion with Kurdish; see  Also see discussion of nature of Yezidi as
 ethnic group, language and religion; where they fit in is very murky
*5032, R. Rossii, 17-19 UT spur could be 5905 minus 873, from
 Kaliningrd? No, Samara
*New business model? BBC Czech service likely to continue thanks to
 investor who wants to support it as minority owner; will it become
 commercial, or merely have underwriting announcements?
*R. Pipeline via Lithuania, 1386, Wednesdays 22-24 via Bubiai, 7 kW
 and 24h via
*BBCWS program previews in DX Listening Digest, including Mon (NOT
 Wed as I said) documentaries, ``Building Beijing`` for the Olympics,
 in Dec, including to Eu and webcast at 6 past 09, 13, 19 Mon, 01 Tue;
 Americas, 6 past 14, 20 Mon, 01, 06 Tue
*BBC networks celebrating life of John Lennon on 25th anniversary of
 his death Dec 8; BBC Radio 2, Lennon Night special, 19-23, Dec 8 and
 in this case relayed by Sirius Satellite Radio channel 18
*Also 24 hours for John Lennon, UT Dec 8,
*John Lennon sites: official: --- also check for linx;
*Mauritania heard on 2 SW frequencies at once at 2136: 7245 and 4845
*West Africa Democracy Radio, Senegal via UK, already expanded to full
 4-hour morning broadcast, 07-09 on 12000, 09-11 on 17860, no mention
 of 15260 which had been added at 07; heard 17860 from English to
 French at 1000 [so each bihour is half English, half French]
*V. of Nigeria reactivated 15120 until 1759*; R. Kaduna 4770 until
 2230* but not daily
*Libreville, Gabon, regularly in Europe on 4777 until 1657* so daytime
*Ethiopian items: R. Ethiopia in English until 1656* on 7165.1 in
 the clear, reports to PO Box 654, Addis Ababa; R. Fana, 6940 in
 Somali clear at 0338; V. of Tigray Revolution, 5500 until 0501* with
 Horn of Africa music, but // 6350 blocked
*New broadast to Ethiopia, on TDP schedule, V. of Ethiopian People, 17
 -18 Tue & Sat only in Amharic on 7380; new broadcast, old station
*The non-commercial, non-communist, non-Christian, non-corporate, non-
 Cumbre, DX program, World of Radio 1296, P O Box 1684, Enid OK 73702
 or woradio at; much more at our website
*Thanks this week for financial support go to: anonymous
*AFRTS resumed USB from Florida Keys, reported last week, and another
 site is also back, Diego Garcia in Indian Ocean, as frequencies were
 previously listed, tho never any local ID. At 1240 on 12579 USB; 1510
 on 4319-USB; also at 2240, 2329; 12579 at 1250, 1325; Iceland on 9980
*Coded transmissions 09-14 on 15040 and 17387, Indian music, XN2, YD6,
 full AM. These are All India Radio frequencies; OP3 another ID
*Democratic V. of Burma, via Kazakhstan 1430-1530 on 9415 ex-15480; //
 17495 Madagascar; 5955 at 2330-0030 via Germany
*Another clandestine for North Korea, on 5880, at 1457-1600, maybe
 Irkutsk, on behalf of ``IME`` tested Nov 22-27. Heard at 15-16, on
 Confucianism, in Korean with provincial accent. Since Dec 6 it`s
 Radio Opened North Korea, with programs from Radio Free North Korea,
 refugees organization in US; unjammed at first, closing with Pomp &
 Circumstance; much more background in DXLD 5-210 including: for 5 days
 from Dec 7, special programs on Seoul summit
*Expanded: Shiokaze, on missing Japanese, from Dec 8, at 14-15 and 19-
 1930, both still on 5890? In 2006y plans to add Korean and English;
 Dec 4 at 1430 on 5890 heard in Alberta, list of names
*R. Taiwan International, 6170 in German at 19-20 tested different
 site than usual UAE; Russia = Tblisskaya/Armavir/Krasnodar, but on
 two days wrong station was put on by mistake: Radio Netherlands in
 English, so temporarily back on SW to Europe
*AWR Asia Pacific resuming Wavescan in January, including JSWC DX
 news; produced in Singapore. Also relaunched website but no program titles. Already introducing new
 Wavescan Sun Dec 11, presumably only in English via Guam; starting
 Jan 6 which is a Friday
*Australia`s NT service via Shepparton 11880 to close 0900 UT Fri
 Dec 16; extended from Nov 18 because NT stations not ready to come
 back on
*DRM testing from RNZI began Dec 5 at 0340 on 15720; look for more
 sporadic tests Dec 13-15 for Fiji between 0110 and 0245
*KKLF 1700 DX test from TX Dec 4 heard coast to coast
*Early Sun Dec 11 from Philadelphia at 05-06 UT, both WNTP 990 and
 WFIL 560 DX test, dropping to lower power in second semihour
*WABC 770 New York bought back oldies, Sat evenings, 23-03 UT Suns,
 also webcast via
*Holiday specials from webcasting public radio stations: see
 Monitoring Reminders Calendar,
*Radio Reading Service of the Rockies resumed webcasting 3 different
 services, including Hobby Radio, Sat 2130-22 UT via Denver, reading
 from Monitoring Times
*David Orienti, WEWN, wonders why FCC keeps moving station away from
 FEMA frequencies, plus guardband; in fact WEWN had to move off 5085
 after only a few nights, now on 6875 at 00-05. NASB has background:
 NTIA seeks to curtail use of OOB frequencies by broadcasters; on
 pressure from FEMA, which wants anything within 13 kHz of its 115
 frequencies moved off; totals over 2000 kHz identified for this
*MW harmonics from Carib heard in NC; 2400, R. Revolucion, Santiago de
 Cuba at 0400; 2279.96, R. Anacoana, Dominican Republic, 0150-0311+
*Peru on 4385.7, R. Imperio now called R. Vision, Chiclayo 2340-0130
*2006 World Radio TV Handbook available from Dec 8
*Small mp3 files of WOR and other DX programs via
*WOR Sat 1530 ex-1700 UT on
*Propagation outlook from Boulder Dec 6; flux range 90-75-95
*With a standard disclaimer, Glenn Hauser concluding World of Radio
 number 1296 ##