WORLD OF RADIO #1297, produced December 14, 2005 by Glenn Hauser
      [for full credits listen to show or consult recent DXLDs]

*Reminder that our first broadcast each week on WWCR, Thu at 2130 UT
 during Dec, Jan and Feb is on 7465 instead of 15825 summer, or 9 MHz
 last winter; should improve reception in much of North America
*R. Nacional del Paraguay inactive on 9737 for several weeks
*RAE, Argentine external service has big problems with 11710
 transmitter, and antennas; ``decadence of state owned media``
*R. Willkamayu, 10353, Cusco, Peru again being heard, around 1259;
 last reported 3 years ago with 20-watt tests
*New on 4060 variable, R. Corazon de Huandoy, Ancash, Peru
*HCJB says Jorge Zambrano, of Musica del Ecuador, has inoperable
 cancer; show used to have English version, still 5 day a week one
 hour in Spanish, and audio archived for two weeks:
 Times when it has been scheduled on SW: UT Thu 0230 9745, Sun 2130 on
*Waiting on R. UNAM, XEYU, Mexico City to reactivate 9600: antenna
 installation was 50% complete Dec 1, but transmitter installation
 delayed for building remodeling; co-channel interference to be
 faced? Cuba not such a problem, only scheduled 0000-0200; all the
 rest are from or to the Eastern Hemisphere, many from China
*New internet reading service is at
 for the blind, 4 hours a day from Blackpool, including ``The Davinci
*Radio six international, Scotland, holiday schedule: 9290 Latvia,
 the rest IRRS Italy or somewhere. Sat 24th 07-08 9290, 0930-1030
 13840; Sun 25th 08-09 13840, 12-15 9290; Thu 29th 20-21 5775
*R. Caroline Eifel, 9290 via Latvia, Sun Dec 18 at 10-11, music of 50s
 and 60s
*R. 390 to be on 1386 Xmas eve, from 2200 UT
 for 4 hours, 50 kW via Radio Baltic Waves International, near
 Klaipeda, Lithuania; Ted Allbeury of the original Radio 390, died
 December 4; Times obit:,,60-1904483,00.html
*Special Radio, Thu 19-20 via Uzbekistan on 5850 in Russian, strong in
 Europe, with chaotic heavy metal music
*SW from Georgia still audible, Sokhum 06-07 on 9494.76, scheduled
 0200-0815; also try 9534.75, Abkhaz Radio
*R. Tirana, Albania, confirmed missing from SW, and MW external
 frequencies, except 1458 with CRI relays; public broadcasting budget
 for 2006 cut 47% from $5 million in 2005
*German relays of easily overlooked weekly target broadcasts include
 Voices from the Diaspora, Save the Gambia Development Project, Sat 20
 -2030 9405, 100 kW, 210 degrees in Wolof, English; heard with very
 good signal in Spain
*West Africa Democracy Radio alternates English and French hours, 07-
 09 on 12000, 09-11 on 17860, not two hours each as on own schedule
*Radio Free Southern Cameroons, Sundays 18-19 on 12130 via Krasnodar,
 Russia: BBC Monitoring details an entire broadcast in DXLD 5-212 via  Condemns reunificaiton of Francophone and
 Angolpohone Cameroon, SC occupied by Francophones; is registered to Martin Ayim in
 Ruston, Louisiana; with automatic archive audio
*R. Shabelle, Somalia, heard on NSW coast on 6960 at 1902 and 2013
*Djibouti puts best 60m African signal into Costa Rica from 0300 to 
 0500 on 4780
*V. of Ethiopian People, with archived audio
 launching automatically; 7380 Tue & Sat 17-18; ``must be heard and
 respected``; site still unknown, unheard in Spain, poorly in Egypt
*V. of Democratic Eritrea, 15-16 Sat on 12015; 17-18 Thu on 9820,
 both via Germany, in Tigrigna and Arabic
*Standard disclaimer
*Via kHz, MHz and GHz, World of Radio 1297, P O Box 1684, Enid, OK
 73702; woradio at
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Gerald T. Pollard
*R. Free Asia using 7415 for Tibetan via Tajikistan at 23-24 UT, so do
 WOR listeners to WBCQ Wednesdays at that hour experience any
 interference? Also would be jammed by China
*Two Iranian clandestines from same transmitters: V. of Iranian
 Revolution, 4375.06v at 1425-1456 // 3880.06v, jumping 5 kHz to
 escape jamming; and V. of the Communist Party of Iran, from 1627 on
 4375.7v and 3880.06v jumping
*Uzbekistan cancels accreditation of journalists from RFE/RL,
 outlawing its reporters, freelancers not allowed; BBCWS also closed
 Tashkent office
*Uzbek radio started webcasting including R. Tashkent, with English at 01, 12, 1330, 2030 and 2130
*All India Radio, Chennai, 7275, free of Sri Lankan interference,
 since that went back to 7300; but don`t count on it staying. SLBC
 English to 0400 Mon-Sat, but Sun until 0430 or 0500 with Christian
 programming from 04 on 6005 9770 15745
*Lao National Radio, English 1330-1400 on 7145, weak in AZ sandwiched
 between Chinese transmitters
*Vietnam regionals, Dien Bien 6317.1 at 1245; Son La 4739.7 until
 1400* in Finland
*Taiwan Central Weather Bureau, heard in Sweden on 5170 at 1400;
 verified in Japan, with powers: 5170 USB Tainan 250 watts, 8117 USB
 Taibei 400 watts, 24 hours on both. Message from director general at
*R. Station Pacific Ocean, Vladivostok, 0935-1000 on 5960, and testing
 again also on 7330 until December 15, for Sea of Okhotsk
*Kamchatskaya Rybatskaya, 11975, from 0000 to 0100, excellent signal
 in Alberta
*Free North Korea Radio, 5880, new clandestine heard from 1532 until
 1600*; open carrier as early as 1450; ``Open Radio for North Korea``
 per NK online newspaper
*Shiokaze heard in BC at 1425 on 5890, now 14-15; and heard in Greece
 at 19-1930 on 5890, reading Japanese names
*QSL from R. Vanuatu after 5 years by visiting the station; says
 schedule is now: 3945 at 19-2130, 0530-1130; 7260 at 2130-0530; 4960
 out of service. 3944.76 heard around 1000 in Finland
*Wantok Radio Light, 7120, PNG, QSL and letter with background from
 Sarah Good: is in a shipping container, Crown TB 1000, 1 kW
 transmitter, antenna supported by wooden poles, off-center feed
 toward NW, NVIS
*HCJB Australia getting one of HCJB Ecuador`s 100 kW transmitters,
 worth a megadollar Australian, but will require retrofitting for 240
 V, single phase 50 Hz costing another 100 kilodollars
*Radio Free Asia still issues old QSL cards for old reports back to
 2002; in 2006, new QSLs for Olympics, Year of the Dog, FIFA, Asian
 Games in Qatar; backlogged in replying despite automated system
*NY Times piece on PsyOps unit at Fort Bragg, US radio in Iraq and
*Dr Gene Scott missing for a week from all frequencies, as his widow
 repeated message requiring more funding, off 50%. Google her up and
 find allegations that she is ex-porn star known as Barbi Bridges
*Spanish numbers station overriding WYFR 6855 between 21 and 22
*Numbers on 9330, but late at night after WBCQ signs off
*LPFM in Mississippi founded by hams, WQRZ, but This Week in Amateur
 Radio pronounced it zee instead of zed
*WHO, Des Moines, finally started streaming, so you can hear it in
*British DX Club published 32-page booklet, Broadcasts in English,
 in time order, also DX programs, DRM schedule and WRN to Europe. UK,
 2 lb st. Overseas, 6 IRC, 5 Euro or $5 US, to: BDXC, 10, Hemdean
 Hill, Caversham, Reading, RG4 7SD, UK or see
*Propagation outlook from Boudler Dec 13; flux range 80-95
*To be reminded every hour of leap second coming Dec 31, listen to
 WWV at 4 minutes past any hour
*Glenn Hauser, concluding World of Radio 1297 ###