WORLD OF RADIO #1299, produced December 28, 2005 by Glenn Hauser
      [for full credits listen to show or consult recent DXLDs]

*11 meter band sporadic E openings bring KOA Denver relay on 25950 to
 Montreal at noon
*WWV announcement about leap second was moved from minute 4 to minute
 16 every hour; also on WWVH at 47 past the hours; actual leap second
 at 2359:60 UT Dec 31
*WWRB says new VORTAC licensed at Manchester, WQEB572; Air Transport
 Communications will be purchasing WWRB shortwave ``this year``
*Pirate from North America, V. of the Islands, 1541-1602, 1625-2200 UT
 Dec 24 on 13887.84 varying to 13880; also to be on Dec 31 and Jan 1,
 30 watts AM, with 2-element beam to Europe
*1710 kHz favorite for pirates, including R. Top Inter, Hyde Park MA,
 near Boston with Haitian format, heard as far away as Ontario;
 measured on 1709.976, and that carrier heard in Finland
*Also on 1710, WENJ, a part-15 station in Edison NJ
*CHWO Toronto celebrating its 5th anniversary on 740, UT Jan 8 for
 24 hours, special QSL, from Brian Smith, am740 @
 [later changed to the EST date Jan 8]
*Mexico City 49m open to Spain as late as 0940, R. Mil, 6010, and now
 streaming via
*R. UNAM, returning to SW 9600: antenna and transmitter installed, but
 waiting to replace a tube; might begin testing before yearend [no].
 Don`t assume Spanish on 9600 is XEYU; Cuba scheduled there 00-02, and
 heard at unscheduled time 1909, special with Fidel
*Radio Republica, Cuban clandestine: WRMI hasn`t a clue about where
 new frequencies come from, ``someone is helping them out``. Jamming
 has increased, including 5965, despite RHC also on frequency, so
 Cuba is jamming itself. 6135 from 22 had religious programming.
 Likely from somewhere in Europe: 7110 from 0200 also has Cuban bubble
 jamming so Cuba is jamming in their own hamband (and ours). Maybe
 from Portugal? [Sines tech denied]
*R. Oito de Setembro, Sao Paulo, plans to put 1 kW on 2490 in January.
 R. Timbira, Maranhao, to resume SWBC, once state government approves;
 had been on 4975 and 15215
*Exotic beacon, IPA on Easter island, being heard in Michigan at 0420
 on 280 kHz, call repeated in code
*ICE flights from Christchurch NZ to McMurdo, Antarctica, monitored on
*Summer holiday time down under: RNZI mostly relaying National Radio;
 normal news service resumes Jan 9, other languages Jan 16; Dateline
 Pacific not until Jan 23
*R. Chimbu, 3355, Papua New Guinea, off the air due to theft of
*New Year`s Eve special on R. Japan, ``56th Red and White Yearend Song
 Competition Festival``; some frequencies from Japan: 9750 and 11815
 from 1030 until 1445; from 1500 9835 and 7140; best in North America,
 11705 via Canada from 1300 to 1730
*Wavescan from AWR resuming Jan 1, on Sundays, full schedule via Guam
 and UAE; produced in Singapore
*World of Radio 1299, woradio at or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK
 73702, USA. Much more at
*When is WOR on World Radio Network? to North America Sat & Sun at
 1830 UT = 11:30 am MST; Sun also 0930 UT = 2:30 am MST. And to the
 rest of the world, Sats at 0900 UT
*Thanks for financial support via PayPal go to Wayne Bastow, Australia
*Bangkok Meteorological Radio, Thailand, on 8743-USB 1224-1247 heard
 in NH; weather in Thai and in English, and interval signals between
*V. of Islamic Republic of Iran does not broadcast in Persian on SW,
 neither domestic nor external service, so if you hear Persian, you
 can be sure it`s NOT Iran, tho they do use related Dari and Tajik
*English from Iran heard in Quebec as early as 1925 on 6010
*V. of Joy, in Oct via Sackville on 9530, is back in Jan, now via
 FSU, Sat only from Dec 31, 14-15 on 6220; reports welcome to
 voiceofjoy @  Was also on Dec 26, but clashed with
 Mystery Radio on 6220, Europirate
*DRM tests on 26 MHz from London area: 26000 at 2300 with WRN/Arqiva,
 Croydon; others on 26080, with variety of stations including BBCWS
 and `Kiss FM`, 200 watts from Crystal Palace; Arqiva/Croydon is 400
 W on 26000 with 2 at a time, BBCWS and WRN; SW Magazine for Dec
 claimed near vertical incidence skywave is being used for DRM on 26
 MHz. This is incorrect: WRN confirms is groundwave only, and skywave
 is limited as much as possible. DRM power 1.7 kW for WRN, vertically
 polarized, not aimed upwards
*Alfa Lima International, pirate in Holland, more active on 15073v;
 see and check the chatroom there; QSL for rp
 to ALI, P O Box 663, 7790 AR Hoogeven, Netherlands
*On 1665 kHz in Europe, is intermod from Saar on 1179 and 1422 kHz
*R. Slovakia International Spanish desk explains will continue at
 least until March with partial funding; no director pending outcome
 of summer elexions
*Best wishes to Juhani Niinisto, leaving YLE Radio Finland; some
 familiar former SW voices can be heard on the English TV webcast
*Tunisia`s MW external channel 963 off the air, still on FM 92
*US Postal rates going up Jan 8: internationally, postcards 75c
 except 55c to Canada, Mexico; one-ounce airmail letter 84c, except
 Canada & Mexico 63c; IRCs to $1.85 [Canadian rates also going up]
*Funny videos involving radio: and
*North American Shortwave Association new website
*Last minute news: CRI has even more new 500 kW on air, from Beijing
 site; see full schedule in DXLD 5-225
*AWR has one transmission now via Wertachtal, Germany, daily 20-2030
 on 7110, 250 kW in Farsi to Iran, for QSL site collectors
*R. Republica reconfirmed Dec 28 at 2200 on 6135, weaker than usual
*Propagation outlook from Boulder Dec 27; flux range 100-80
 [not A & K indices again, as I misspoke: you know what I mean?]
*With best wishes for 2006, Glenn Hauser, here, concluding World of
 Radio 1299 ###