[NOTE: Virtually all the material in each show comes from DX Listening Digests published in the previous week. The issue numbers are shown if you wish to research particular items heard. A few items may have been held over from earlier weeks. There is no longer a separate page for each program, except Extras = COMs] [Note: in this period we are not compiling full summaries, but here are the headlines supplied for WRN previews:] WORLD OF RADIO 1356 (+7-047 to 7-049) April 24, 2007 *QSLs on the way from Radio St. Helena *SW Radio Africa adds 25 meter frequencies *No sign of Mugabe`s new shortwave service *New missionary station in Uganda, Radio Dunamis *New English schedule from France *New frequency for Serbia *More English from Ukraine *US government broadcasting`s wacky organizational structure *Former TV Martí executive sentenced to 27 months for kickbacks *WMLK still announcing frequency it left 3 years ago *More DRM from HCJB *DX Tuners closed down WORLD OF RADIO 1355 (+7-045 to 7-047) April 17, 2007 *Asian clandestines for Sri Lanka, North Korea *Nothing heard from Micronesia or Vanuatu *Another station, and country in DRM: Australia *WRMI relaying WRN on SW 45 hours a week *WHRI usurping 7335 from CHU *Canadian SW and MW news from Vancouver and Toronto *CB Radio okayed for church services in Northern Ireland *Sorting out Croatia`s schedule, and IRRS relays *English from Libya *Webcasts from Mauritania WORLD OF RADIO 1354 (+7-043 to 7-045) April 10, 2007 *Shortwave broadcast bands officially expanded for exclusive use *KNLS Alaska frequency contradictions *Mormons back on shortwave via Ascension? [apparently not] *Radio Cuba Libre new schedule on WRMI; #3 Cuban clandestine? *No more Poland via Finland *Specials from Vatican and Latvia *When to hear English from Croatia *Libya purchasing Africa Number One? *Zimbabwe starting external service *Asian clandestine news WORLD OF RADIO 1353 (+7-040 to 7-042) April 3, 2007 [pending?] WORLD OF RADIO 1352 (+7-037 to 7-040) March 27, 2007 *Poland starts SW broadcasts in Hebrew *New English schedules from Russia, Moldova, Romania, Israel, Iran, Thailand, Japan *Ivory Coast report says Col. Qaddhafi now owns Africa Number One *Minivan Radio stops SW broadcasts to Maldives *Clandestines to Laos and Korea *Time shifts in Mexico and Guatemala *FCC okays digital IBOC at night on mediumwave WORLD OF RADIO 1351 (+7-035 to 7-037) March 20, 2007 *Voice of America registered as a trademark *AWR broadcasts in Mandarin to Algeria (really, this week) *Revamped CBC Radio 2 now available in five timezone feeds *Monitoring Nicaraguan Christian fishermen net *Uruguay back on shortwave, and Pori, Finland too *New seasonal changes from Europe and elsewhere: Ukraine, Albania, Turkey *Spain, Argentina and Morocco headed for three-way collision on 15345 *Best Deutsche Welle SW frequencies in North America are from Rwanda to West Africa *It`s Serbia, not Bosnia from which International Radio Serbia transmits *Algeria`s resumed international service in English, but not on SW *Afghanistan`s new frequencies *Ham radio shut down in Iraq *Peruvian moves onto Micronesia`s only SW frequency WORLD OF RADIO 1350 (+7-030 to 7-034) March 13, 2007 *New shortwave stations to and from Africa, Radio Saa and Radio ICDI *Upcoming A-07 schedules from Europe *Spain headed toward collision with Morocco and Argentina *How to QSL Myanmar *More on Micronesia *Personnel changes at BBG and VOA *New DST schedules from North America *WRN via WRMI including Ireland *AWR broadcasting in Mandarin to Algeria *Special mediumwave DX test from Utah March 19 *Colombia`s Líder is back *HCJB testing DRM again WORLD OF RADIO 1349 (+7-026 to 7-030) March 6, 2007 [for full credits listen to show or read recent DX Listening Digests] *Daylight shifting time begins earlier, Sunday March 11 in USA, and Canada; per http://www.timeanddate.com Mexico is still waiting until April 1; but Cuba is matching US date, strangely enough *This affects international broadcasting; most private US SW stations keep clock on local time, two weeks before Europe changes, and when A-07 season starts March 25; could lead to collisions during Fortnight of Confusion *World of Radio is affected; likely to be one UT hour earlier from March 11; and other changes: KAIJ Dallas retimed WOR on 9480 from Fri 2 pm CT to Thu 10 am, 1600 UT this week, thence 1500 UT [but missing March 8]; other time on 5755 at 5:30 am CT Fridays = 1130, then 1030 UT *Ted Randall Interviews, Fri 4 and 10 am CT on KAIJ *WRMI changes not so simple; see latest info at http://www.worldofradio.com/radioskd.html *WRMI now carrying World Radio Network M-F 22-02 UT Tue-Sat on 7385, so RTE Ireland is back on SW at 2200-2230; may not continue after time change when RTE will be at 2100 as WRN moves everything one UT hour earlier *WOR on WRN remains at same local time in NAm, one UT hour earlier from March 11: Sun 0832 UT, Sat & Sun 1732 UT; had thought Sirius channel 140 would not be carrying WRN at midday weekends, but still heard on occasion *Greetings to 20th annual SWL Winterfest, PA, March 8-10; live broadcasts from there on WBCQ, 7415; VOA Talk to America with Kim Elliott, Friday March 9 at 1430, on 9760, 11655, 15205, etc. *Opposition to proposed cuts to VOA languages growing: eleven former directors of VOA have issued a statement calling for reversal; see DX Listening Digest 7-030; slight increase in budget would suffice *VOA, RTI/WYFR, RNZI and others getting interference from WBOH in North Carolina, putting out rapid pulsing spurs on 5890, 5950, equidistant from 5920 [we are now positive of the source] *New missionary station in Pohnpei, Micronesia; has come on the air, heard in Japan, testing March 2-3 on 4755.16 between 07 and 13 UT; belongs to Pacific Missionary Aviation, 500 watts; see http://www.pmapacific.org Watch out for a Brasilian on 4755.4, R. Imaculada Conceição *NBC Papua New Guinea off the air on 9675, 4890, R. Central 3290 *Sound of Hope clandestine for China, and Firedrake jammers now on 9200, 10200, 13970, 14600, 17330; if you hear talk it`s SOH; music, jamming *V. of Korea, Pyongyang, QSLs are now reliable, after many years of poor mail service, it now goes thru from and to USA *SW radios in North Korea cost $5; possession is illegal, but not usually imprisoned unless caught listening. Corruption is a way of life and security agents confiscate radios, resell on black market *New English broadcasts from Saudi Arabia, not available on SW before: 16-19 UT on 17660, but colliding with WYFR Portuguese via Ascension until 17, and again from 1830; propagation may not hold up after 17. *R. Riyadh excellent in England, even during WYFR hour; more English from SA at 10-12 on 15255, blocked until 11 by China *The media magazine your monitor with your mind, World of Radio 1349, woradio at yahoo.com See http://www.worldofradio.org *Thanks for financial support go to Steve Lare in MI, who sent a check in the mail to P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA *Sawt al-Amal, Libyan clandestine via Moldova at 12-14, moving around on 17 MHz band, lately has been using split frequencies, such as 17622.5, 17627.5, 17637.5; jammers only tune in 1 or 5-kHz steps *Libya`s relays via France still registered but not on air. External service Voice of Africa direct from Libya monitored, approx.: 12-14 Swahili and 14-16 English 17725 21695; 16-17 French 15660 15220; 17- 18 French 11965 11860; 18-20 Hausa 11965 9885 *R. Nacional de la República Árabe Saharaui Democrática, Polisario from Algeria to W Sahara, missing since Feb 10, but heard again from March 6, on 6300.00, local evenings [and mornings]; for how long, including Spanish at 23-24? *Andenet LeDemocracy Radio, clandestine for Ethiopia, 9445 from 1600 has new website, resulting from merger of opposition parties http://www.kinijit.org Started Feb 9, 2007 *R. Bana, new Eritrean, well heard in Italy on 5100, at 0415 *Website of International Radio Serbia shows expanded schedule from March 5, more in afternoon including English at 14-1430, all still on 6100 via Bosnia, until 2200, including other English at 1930-20; but inaudible in Germany, Italy, blocked by DRM from Luxembourg on 6087- 6095-6103. Finally heard in England at 1929 by using USB; but 6100 collides with China, at 17-22, plus Iran 1830-1930, 2030-2130, India 1430-1530 *R. Budapest, Hungary situation: merged with MR-4 channel; phasing out freelancers, so closing Italian, reducing German, French, Spanish, filling with Hungarian or music. English not mentioned. Day after Italian ended, March 1, still playing Italian music *David Hermges, of Austrian Radio has died, at 78, well known voice and producer of Shortwave Panorama, to which I contributed *R. Sweden changed from 11550 to avoid Taiwan, to 12070 for English at 1330 and 1430 to Asia *Radio Bras produces little external program for broadcast via Portugal, Wed 1725 on 15475, Brasil Hoje *V. of Guyana heard on 3291.1 before 0400 with obituaries, then BBC relay *XEYU, Mexico City, missing again as of March 6 from 9599+, but still hear much weaker XEXQ, 6045 *Ice storm in Iowa knocked several stations off the air from Feb 25: WMT 600, KHKE 89.5, KCNZ 1650, and for more than a week, 50 kW KXEL 1540 Waterloo due to power outage and no generator *1540 opened up for DX, such as WDCD Albany and ZNS Bahamas heard in Alberta *Not much detail yet for A-07 season from March 25, but R. Nederland already posted Spanish schedule, including using Sines, Portugal relay on 6165 at 00-04, ex-Bonaire; English at 00-02 to continue from Bonaire on 9845 *Propagation outlook from Boulder March 6: flux range 70-75, accounting for poor reception lately *Glenn Hauser concluding World of Radio 1349 ### WORLD OF RADIO 1348 (+7-023 to 7-026) February 27, 2007 [for full credits listen to show or read recent DX Listening Digests] *Guinea had not been on SW for 6 months when strife broke out a couple weeks ago, but reactivated 7125 on Feb 24, clear from 1957, to closing around 2400; should open at 0600, but at 0730 all I heard was R. Nederland [but another night only heard Guinea then] *Western Sahara`s Polisario station still missing, or undiscovered on SW, tho brief reports of 6380 and 6280, unconfirmed since *Burkina Faso`s daytime frequency 7230 audible in North America after 0800 *R. Candip, Congo DR, heard in Alabama at 0405 on 5066.337, drifting to 5066.332 at 0420 *SW Radio Africa still on SW and jammed, but now also sending news by text messaging to Zimbabwe; who pays? [Gerry Jackson says on As It Happens that station does, and growing subscriber list presents an economic problem] *V. of Tigre Revolution, Ethiopia, heard on 5980 // much better 9650 at 1558 *Andenet Ledemocracy, clandestine for Ethiopia on new frequency, time and days: 9445 at 1600, Wed, Fri and Sun ex-1700 Tue & Thu on 7280 *R. Mustaqbal, in Somali for Ethiopia changed to Mon, Tue, Wed, Sat, 0600-0815 via UAE 15455 *R. Bana, Eritrea heard from 0355 on 5100; sked given as 16-1630, Fri 05-0530, Sat 1530-16 *Southern Sudan Interactive Radio Instruxion in English now M/W/F 0630-0700; also 14-1430 on 15390 via Armavir, Russia, Tue/Thu/Sat *Since Feb 20 something on 17660 interfering with Afropop music distraxion, in French; it`s Saudi Arabia, ex-21600, from before 1500, and in clear after 1531, with news, etc. But 1600-1700 WYFR Ascension in Portuguese interferes when Saudi goes into English. English on 17660 monitored as late as 1812; WYFR again from 1830 *BSKSA frequency monitoring shows new English broadcast at 10-12 on 15250, clear after 11, also listed 15470 but not heard there, yet? English section on domestic service had been pushing for SW too *Afghanistan 6700 heard at 2330-0110 with presumed R. Solh, programming on LSB, 2-way Bagram on USB; or two US psyops stations *All India Radio tested 100 kW Khampur DRM transmitter with GOS in English at 1945-2230 on 7410, and more recently on 9950, Feb 27-March 5; reports to spectrum-manager @ air.org.in *WRTH website monitor page shows CNR2 China Business Radio at 13-14 on various frequencies; and new times for V. of the Strait in English on 11590: M-F 0550-0600; Sat & Sun 05-0530 & 08-0830 *R. East Sepik, Wewak, PNG, reactivated on 3335 at 1300-1304 sign-off; and at 1945 *Outback VL8 transmitters in Northern Territory often off the air, due to heatwave of 45 C for weeks on end; can take 60 C briefly but not 45 continuously *R. New Zealand International modified schedule again Feb 26: 0559 9870, 13 5950, 1751 9765, 1850 11725, 1950 17675, 2259 15720 to 0558. And also 13840 at 2259-1259 on 325 degrees [I later realized this must be erroneous, with 13840 actually at 1059-1259 filling a gap between 9870 and 5950 times!]; on 9870 UT Monday at 0630, ``Canned Laughter``, comedy show from RNZ National as domestic service now called *WOR 1348, woradio at yahoo.com *Thanks for financial support to Steve Lare in Michigan who sent a check to P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 *For much more info check http://worldofradio.org especially DXLD archive *VOA Somali began Feb 19, and additional Amharic broadcasts canceled the day before; Djibouti 1431 kHz schedule reduced from 24h; besides Somali at 16-1630, now with R. Sawa, Arabic 1645-0400, local night hours *Freemediaonline.org has petitioin to save VOA programs to Russia and other media at-risk countries: http://www.petitiononline.com/tl1122/petition.html *VOA Spanish at 01-02 heard on 6100 despite RCI already in Spanish at same time on same frequency! *Christians vs Christians, or Catholix vs Protestants on 7455: since Feb 20, WEWN ex-7540 on 7455 in Spanish overnight 23-13, despite heavy radioteletype, and WYFR also on 7455 at 0700-1045, a 3-way collision *WRMI antenna for North America on 7385 damaged by high winds since Feb 24; repaired ASAP *Federal law allowing at least small antennas, overriding homeowners covenants; read the exact wording, http://www.fcc.gov/mb/facts/otard.html [however, later court ruling may have struck this down?] *CHU announces they have been licensed to stay on 7335; at 16-23 seconds (not minutes) past each minute *New X-band station in Montreal testing on 1650, CJRS, R. Shalom, Jewish predominantly, already heard in NE America, and as far as Europe; QRM de R. Disney, WKHT in Virginia; online report form at http://radio-shalom.ca *New in Toronto on 103.9, Proud FM, gay station with 50 watts; on air yet? Calls? Ought to be CGAY! *Mexican feds busted unauthorized AM and FM stations across from San Diego; sorting out what is on and off *Callsign of R. Senda, new Dominican Republic station on 1680 revealed: HIC82 *Huge pirate radio sting in Peru, 1277 illegal radio and TV operations busted by 5100 agents; SW not mentioned, but surely some included *LRA-36 Antarctica, 15476, 1900 to as late as 2115, seems on air only 3 or 2 days a week *Real frequency for BBC Spanish to Cuba at 11-12 found on 6095, as well as 13760, no relation to the ones they put on website *Radio six international, Scotland, will suspend SW relays via Latvia after March 10 until June, Sats 07-08 on 9290 *R. Budapest says external service is in danger; staff reductions lead to reductions in original programming; beginning of the end? German, Spanish, and Italian services say this; future to be decided Feb 28 *V. of Greece via Olympia Radio coastal station continue, and continue with modulation and/or carrier dropouts every few seconds, such as 15630 around 15 UT, and 11645, 5865. Could be these are running just to hold the frequencies for future use so it doesn`t matter no one can stand to listen to them now *Coalition Maritime Forces, http://www.marlobahrain.org heard on 6577- USB at 1836-1855 with announcements about Somalia, maybe also at 2225 *Liz Cameron revived Liz`s SW Obsession website, especially about languages, religious broadcasters: http://www.geocities.com/alera1 *SWL WinterFest March 8-10; details at http://www.swlfest.com *Propagation outlook from Boulder Feb 27; flux range 75-80-75 *That`s WOR 1348; Glenn Hauser inviting you to hear me again, next week ### WORLD OF RADIO 1347 (+7-017 to 7-023) February 20, 2007 [for full credits listen to show or read recent DX Listening Digests] *Reminder that there will not necessarily be a new WOR every single week; 1346 was available for 2 weeks instead of one *Ireland government pressured to allow Irish TV to broadcast internationally, and why not radio too? Now is the time to lobby local embassy or consulate to put RTE on shortwave *BBC Spanish service website says it`s on M-F 11-12 GMT on 13.57, 13.87 MHz, 5100 and 6300 kHz, from Feb 19, but no such frequencies heard, just 13760 as before, probably via Guiana French. Suspect people at BBC Spanish service don`t know the first thing about SW *BBCWS Chinese service facing cutbacks, Russian too *Plans for a 24-hour strike against BBC by NUJ and BECTU unions on Feb 26, over job losses [later: strike called off following negotiations] *RFI`s English to Asia at 14-15 on 5920 replaced by YFR at 14-16; is there any replacement for RFI? *Wolfram Hess died Feb 9 of stroke; did World DX Meeting monthly on DW English, program already planned to end. Was well-known in Germany for ham radio DX work and propagation predictions. See obits in DXLD 7-020, 7-021 at http://www.worldofradio.com *Ernst Zundel, holocaust-denier, sentenced to 5 years in Germany; was a SW broadcaster on WRNO, not averse to putting a Nazi on the air *R. Station Belarus well-heard in Spain, in English 21-23 on 7420 *Schedule of R. Abkhazia, region of Georgia: 06-07, 08-0915 on 9495, 9535; 12-1230 9495; relay R. Rossii 05-06 & 07-08 on 9495 *Mixing spur from Romania on 3400, in English at 0440: 9515 minus 6115 *V. of Greece test of fourth transmitter is via maritime station SVO, Olympia Radio near Pyrgos; utility transmitter so it starts out in SSB on each frequency, then tweaked into AM; but also carrier and/or modulation frequently drops off the air, still happening Feb 22. No room for new curtain antenna at Avlis site. SVO says it is only 10 kW with 14 dB gain on a log-periodic aimed 310 degrees: 07-11 on 11645, 11-1545 on 15630, 20-07 on 5865. 310 [not 300 as I misspoke] degrees crosses Brittany, Newfoundand, Vermont, Tennessee, SE Texas, Nuevo León *V. of Turkey English at 1330-1425 on 12035 and 11735, then other frequencies in other languages at 1430; but on occasion 12035 stays on [and on other occasions 11735 too], such as at 1500 in Arabic instead of 6120. For VOT English program schedule see DXLD 7-020 *UAE Radio Dubai still listed in some references, but no longer in English and transmitters were demolished two years ago [not three, as corrected at end] *R. Zamaneh, clandestine for Iran on 7590 instead of 6245 one day only around 1900 [7590 scheduled for other clands; mixup?] *From Afghanistan around 1600, R. Solh on 6700, then similar station on 6800, then that moved onto 6700 as well, not in parallel and fading independently, only 8 Hz apart; one ID on 6700 was for Bagram, R. Ulmati Information Radio; should not use same SW frequency unlike FM from different locations *All India Radio engineer interviewed about digitalization (DRM) plans. Cutoff date for analog to digital is 2015; will help in disaster management; China needs to build factories in India; SW to go DRM first, with multiple transmitters covering entire country from each region; maybe not complete by 2015; MW not fully switched from analog; needs new separate content for SW to encourage people to buy DRM receivers *The media magazine you monitor with your mind, WOR 1347, woradio at yahoo.com or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 *To which Pete Bentley sent a check in the mail; thanks for financial support *Standard disclaimer *Mystery: tests of CRI in French at 08 on 11810, distorted, thought to come from Noblejas, Spain, but DX Mix News in Bulgaria says it`s not *V. of Indonesia switched to 11784.88 for evenings to Europe: 16 Arabic, 17 Spanish, 18 German, 19 French, 20 English; but might change back to 9526, 15150v *DRM of RNZI off the air since Feb 7, hoped to resume Feb 21 [later: delayed to week of Feb 26] *Check for new WOR broadcasts via KAIJ Dallas, loud and clear in San Francisco, Friday at 2000 on 9480; Friday at 1130 on 5755 not heard in NSW, but in NJ *VOA Swahili service does continue on SW, along with new Somali service. Transmitter sites for Somali: at 16 and 17, 13580 is Sri Lanka, but at 16, 15620 is Botswana, at 17 Sri Lanka *2008 budget cuts planned at BBG affecting VOA et al.: handy chart from Kim Andrew Elliott about each language affected: http://www.kimandrewelliott.com/bbg_2008_reorg.html *AFGE Local 1812 says to inform appropriations members of ill-advised cuts *Dino Bloise has new half hour weekly DX program in Spanish, Frecuencia al Dia, including SW on WRMI, Tue 1530 on 7385, Sat 0400 on 9955; and Domninian Republic Fri at 12 on 5010 if on air *UT Sat 0400 on WRMI was formerly R. República. RR has cut back on WRMI, no more on weekdays, just weekends. M-F via Germany and Canadá remain. Look for more program changes at WRMI *WEWN missing from 7540 at 0639, replaced by 7455 at 23-13 UT, despite heavy RTTY interference; why in the world? 7455 has been used by WYFR but only at 07-11 [later: the next nights BOTH were on there along with RTTY!]; how long can this last? *KVOH 17775 in sorry shape with multiple spurs at 2130 at 146 kHz above and below, 17629 and 17921, and multiples of that separation to 17337 and 18359 *Sirius satellite radio no longer carrrying WRN fulltime on channel 140, but pre-empting for sports. WOR still should be heard Sundays at 0932 UT; C-SPAN dropped completely from channel 139. Plans on merging with XM, but may take a year, if approved *R. Universidad, Mexico City, reception steadily improves, on 9599.1v, including middle of night, 0630 with classical; also heard in Europe *On 2140 until sign-off at 2359, R. Chontaleña, Nicaragua, 2 x 1070 *R. Martí, airborne on 530, heard again Friday from 2300, not Saturday *Aló, Presidente, from Chávez in Venezuela, no longer on Sunday mornings, but a sesquihour from 0000 UT Tue-Sat; will Cuba attempt to relay those? *R. La Hora, Cuzco, Perú, already back on SW, nominal 4855, at 10-16 and 22-24 except Sundays; heard on 4856.43 by Bolland, Florida at 11, and also by Aragão, Bolivia around 23 *New Bolivian on 6214, at 2240, R. Amor de Dios, from El Alto, barrio near La Paz; not to be confused with R. Baluarte, Argentina on same frequency *Another new Bolivian, on 4728.2, from 1035 or 1050, is R. Aripalca, in Potosí department *New frequency for R. Virgen de Remedios, Bolivia, 3215 heard at 0010 relaying WEWN in Spanish, QRM from WWCR *R. Cultura, Araraquara, Brasil reactivated on 3365 at 0215 *LRA36, Antarctica, 15476, heard again from Feb 13, at 19-21 weekdays, but missing some days; also heard by gh Feb 16 and 22 *English from Libya at 14 on 17725 believed direct now, not France relay, also 21695 *Polisario for Western Sahara missing from 6300 since Feb 10; silent or on new undiscoverd frequency? [heard briefly Feb 22 on 6380] *Sudan Radio Service website removed SW schedule; are they still on SW? http://www.sudanradio.org [Yes, sent me sked later in DXLD 7-023] *R. Cairo with mistuned transmitter on 10000 at 0030, 1506; English at 1618 *Correxion to item above: Emirates Radio, Dubai, last heard at end of March 2005 *Propagation outlook from Boulder Feb 20; flux range 90-75 *Glenn Hauser, concluding World of Radio 1347 ### WORLD OF RADIO 1346 (+7-013 to 7-016) February 6, 2007 [for full credits listen to show or read recent DX Listening Digests] *Standard disclaimer *Another SW station carrying WORLD OF RADIO, KAIJ in Dallas, antenna aimed NW so should improve reception in WNAm, Asia and Pacific: Fri 1130 UT on 5755 and Fri 2000 on 9480 (two times, not four). How are they where you are? *More info added to http://kaij.us showing studios and offices in Murfreesboro TN, near Nashville, not Dallas; GM George McClintock, PD John McClintock *As VOA starts Somali Feb 11, Swahili may be ending; has been 1630-17 daily and -1730 M-F, 17580 and 17705 via Botswana, 21480 São Tomé *VOA Somali at 16-1630 to be on 1431 MW via Djibouti; antenna aimed in wrong direxion, so they must be planning to switch to non-direxional *VOA and other US government stations still to be reconfigured, with new FY 2008 budget request of BBG. In detail in DXLD 7-016, 7-017 . To be increased: N Korea, ME, Somalia, Cuba, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Arabic TV to Europe, Venezuela. To be eliminated or reduced to compensate: Cantonese, Uzbek, Portuguese, Romanian, Kazakh, Croatian, Greek, Bulgarian, Thai, Macedonian, Serbian, Hindi, Russian *And VOA to discontinue 14 hours a day of English `News Now`. Unbelievable that English to be cut. But these are opening salvo proposals which still must be approved by Congress. Write your representatives *BOD of RFE/RL named new president Jeffrey Gedmin, from March. Has criticized Secretary of State Powell for being ``too European``; and Fulbright program too soft as public diplomacy *KGYN, 1210, Guymon OK was widely reported in ENAm last week, on day pattern without null toward Philadelphia; and WPHT even went off for a while. May still be the case *New big signal on west coast: KTRB, 860, completed move from Modesto to San Francisco; from Feb 1 testing with ``SF Sound`` but final format not known until March 1 *Little-noticed FCC regulation change makes it much easier for AM and FM stations to change city of license, frequency, class *CFRX, 6070, Toronto, may not be back on air before spring; trouble fixing transmitter, need to replace antenna feedline and possibly antenna itself *Ernst Zundel, holocaust-denier, tried in Germany, and prosecution calls for five years in prison; had broadcast on US and Russian SW *Radio AMLO from Puebla retransmitted in Mexico City on 153.0125 FM, freeband segment; is clandestine, meaning R. Andres Manuel López Obrador *Emisoras de FM compiler says FM dials getting crowded; number of stations in Mexico City, Guadalajara, San Salvador, Guatemala City, Tegucigalpa, Managua, Panamá, Santo Domingo, Port-au-Prince, Kingston. As many as 8 stations on a frequency in Honduras. Nicaragua signed on 65 new low-powered FM stations in fourth quarter of 2006 *LA on 4855 may not be R. La Hora in Cusco, Perú: off air following an electrical discharge damaging transmitter. May take two or three months to get back *Try 18060 for harmonic from Perú, Radio Victoria, 6020 x 3, heard in Paraguay at 1716, but not yet from North America. Also try 19440, from its other frequency, 9720 x 2 *The 1346th World of Radio, P O Box 1684, Enid OK 73702 USA or woradio at yahoo.com --- Much more at http://worldofradio.org *Thanks this week for financial support, to Rod Scribner in Maine, in memory of Rocky *Four months since any report of LRA36, Antarctica, off for summer? Sked was M-F 18-21 on 15476v USB, first hour blocked by Gabon *Ham activity from and about Antarctica, especially Feb 19-25 with Antarctic Activity Week, HQ in Italy; details at http://www.ddxc.net/wap *SW from Iceland survived into another month, heard until 1456* on 13865-USB. To be replaced by satellite; that service to start in April *RUV Iceland rents time from TFA Gufunes, a communications station. To Europe, live relays of national network; to NAm, recordings. And from Feb 1 dropped 5-note and 9-note news jingles for a muted marimba, may be hard to read on LW 189 *BBCWS in Spanish at 03-04 in some schedules as 6110 and 7315 via WHRI, but is on 6110 only; 7315 has regular WHR programming *BBC Engineering website has lengthy articles on tech history of SW and other stations, such as Woofferton and Droitwich. See http://www.bbceng.info *I often run across R. Nederland in Dutch, but seldom with music, especially classical. There is a 2-hour classical concert show, but not on SW, just satellite and internet, M-F 19 and repeated at 01; via http://www.wereldomroep.nl Live stream in Dtuch labeled mp3 is really Real. Includes some from Concertgebouw. Portuguese service, off SW for years, has weekly hour from the Concertgebouw on demand; in Spanish also weekly classical hour on satellite, internet and ondemand, Podium Neerlandés *Special from Cupid Radio, pirate in Holland, planned for eastern North America, on 15070, Saturday February 17, 14-16 UT. Beautiful QSLs from cupidradio @ hotmail.com *DW cancelled without notice last 7 hours of English to Europe as of Feb 1, on 6140, at 06-10 and 13-16 *MW 846 from Rome reactivated January 31, testing with 50 kW, less than before, to evaluate electrosmog, and if OK will remain *V. of Greece heard on new 6210 from 06 past 08, but it`s unintentional, 15630 minus 9420 *Other new frequencies testing from Greece, 5865, 15630, 11645. Not from Avlis, main site, with three transmitters, so whence? Kavala resurrected? Or Thessaloniki? [later: John Babbis compiles test schedule, thought to be Thess: 2000-0500 5865; 0500-1000 11645; 1100- 1600 15630] *R. Ukraine International webcasts of higher quality available so we can now tolerate listening to music, RUI2 at http://media.wnet.ua/lists *R. Tirana, English to Europe at 21-2130 on 7530, well heard also in New York in same direxion *Afro-pop music distraxion on 17650 or 17640 Feb 2 was running parallel to Africa Number one on 17630, removing any doubt it`s also from Moyabi, Gabon *R. Waaberi, clandestine for Somalia, ceased Feb 2; was Fri 1330-14 via Germany on 17550. Jeff White says they hope to return soon *VOA Studio 7 service to Zimbabwe was jammed on 17730, but now moved to 15770 per new WRTH update at http://www.wrth.com M-F 17-1830, so has jamming followed? *New Eritrean on 5100, Bana Radio, heard form 1455 in vernacular, 1458 English with Academia program; from Feb 5 English rescheduled to 16- 1630*, confirmed. Bana means Dawn, by Eritrean government. Reply received from Bana Radio, P O Box 609, Asmara City, Eritrea *R. Peace, low power in southern Sudan, heard in Pennsylvania on 4750, from 0416 to 0436, Arabic with English IDs *All India Radio plans to install 32 new DRM regional SW transmitters, 22 of them replacing analog *Propagation outlook from Boulder Feb 6; flux range 75-90 *And that`s WOR 1346; I`m Glenn Hauser ### WORLD OF RADIO 1345 (+7-010 to 7-013) January 30, 2007 [for full credits listen to show or read recent DX Listening Digests] *Minivan Radio, opposition for Maldives was about to go off air in mid January, and http://www.minivanradio.net provided segments on demand. But decided at last minute to continue indefinitely, daily 16-17 UT via Germany on 11800 *Phillip Wellman, journalist for http://www.minivannews.com expelled again from Maldives *All India Radio testing DRM on SW, such as Jan 28 at 0330-1220 on 6100 via Khampur/Delhi, 250 kW transmitter running only 150; also testing on 7270; 6100 seen but not heard in Australia *Bangladesh Betar external service in bad shape, per Bangla newspaper. Poor quality for two years, on 7185. What about the new 100 kW transmitter they were supposed to get last July? *Swedish broadcasts from R. Japan to end in October. Staffers have started a new web service, http://www.audioport-japan.com and let`s hope other languages will be added, including English *Little Saigon Radio changed from 7380 to 7390, via Taiwan at 1500- 1530 *R. Australia has stimulating discussions, Wednesdays 14-15 UT, best here on 9590, with All in the Mind, and Philosophers` Zone, from Radio National *Polisario station from Algeria to Western Sahara moved again January 27 to 6300, including Spanish hour at 2300; and from 0700. Don`t confuse with Cuban spur on 6300 which should go off at 0700 *Musical jammer on 17730, at 1815, not Chinese Firedrake, but orchestra tuning up, 1826 tone. That`s Zimbabwe jamming VOA Studio 7 scheduled on 17730 at 1700-1830 M-F via Morocco; could be from outside Zimbabwe at suitable skip distance, such as Gabon. Bagpipes accompanied by music box. Not jammed on 11815 and 4930 *V. of Delina, clandestine for Eritrea, http://vodm.asmarino.com and name changed to V. of Meselna Delina, at 1700-1730 M-F on 7335; address in Cerritos, California *New clandestine for Ethiopia, Andanet Ledemocracy, mentioned last week, not yet confirmed, not heard in Denmark when scheduled at 1715 Tuesday on 7280, just Voice of Vietnam *R. Cairo, Egypt, confirmed in Sweden back on 11950 in English to North America at 2300-2430, ex-11885 colliding with WYFR; still not heard in North America, not always propagating to Sweden either *VOA starting Somali broadcasts Feb 12, 16-1630 on 13580 15620, 17- 1730 on same, but at 1600 also on MW 1431, i.e. Djibouti cutting away from Sawa in Arabic for a semihour. 1431 antennas aimed NW and W, not suitable for Somalia. Maybe they will switch to non-direxional; or reverse the NW beam *Friday Jan 26, NewsHour on PBS had feature on VOA; See that date at http://www.pbs.org/newshour for streaming video on demand *Media Ownership Reform Act, HR 3302, pending since 2005, sponsored by Democrat Maurice Hinchey, NY, was moribund while Republicans were in control; now some action expected; see http://www.house.gov/hinchey/issues/mora.shtml --- includes amending 1934 Communications Act to restore Fairness Doctrine; prevent any company from owning TV stations reaching more than 35 percent of TV households; 5 percent limit on nationwide ownership of AM and FM stations; licensees required to report on how they serve public interest *Kansas City 1660 calls changed from KXTR to WDAF, but still hearing classical format; WDAF calls appeared only briefly on KXTR website. Seems WDAF calls just parked temporarily on 1660 *WOR 1345, P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA or woradio at yahoo.com *This means that for some 27 years we`ve brought you a new WOR program every week; the time has come for me to cut back from spending so much time on this voluntary effort. Don`t be surprised if in the near future you do not hear a new WOR program without fail every week. If you hear the previous week`s program repeated it will not necessarily be a mistake. Check for new shows at Our Current Audio page at http://worldofradio.org *Standard disclaimer *Raymond Pelletier, at NRC Ottawa is optimistic about future of CHU, timesignal station. Recommends it be relicensed as broadcast station allowing it to continue on 7335; but still needs to upgrade aging transmitters, and whether to continue beyond April 1 is not assured *R. Universidad, Mexico City, resumed testing on 9599.2 or 9599.3, now reported more widely, with classical music or talk in Spanish; heard in Pennsylvania around 1000; New York 2315-0056; Wisconsin 1425-1507; Florida says it`s blowing in with great modulation, 1630 and 1544; and even from overseas, Belgium at 0936 and 1049 on 9599.30; I`m no longer hearing it between 06 and 07, but from the DF it is reported all-night, heard around 0800; and past 0000 despite Cuba on 9600. Heard in Italy on 9599.257 at 2208 to 2312 *Much lower-powered XEXQ, San Luís Potosí, heard at 0630 on 6045, always classical music *Radio Rebelde on 5 frequencies at midday 17-19 or -1830, four synchronized: 17735, 17555, 15570, 11655, and slightly unsynchronized from different site or feed route, 15370 *Exile news source reports on local jamming station in Palma Soriano, Cuba, which interrupted `service` to move further from a church it was interfering with; so residents could hear Martí, Spain and BBC clearly for a few hours *Colombia para Cristo stations on 5910 and 6010 are QSLing also with minidisc of pictures and music from the studios; needs SINPO, best times to hear them; interference; over a 2-3 day period. Send to Colombia para Cristo, Calle 44, No. 13-67, Bogotá; or to QSL manager Rafael Rodríguez, Apto. Aéreo 67751, Bogotá *Rodríguez also reports: Venezuela`s R. Amazonas active Jan 28, 0220- 0245 on 4939.7, plus distorted spur on 5128.8 variable; Jan 27 at 2137 was only on distorted spur 5136.4 variable *R. Logos, Bolivia: using both 6165 and 4865, the latter 1 kW with lazy-H vertical antenna; 6165 resurrected in 2005; old station name was R. Centenario; now in 7 languages including Low German, explaining unID reported arond 2300 on 4865. Website is contraditory about frequencies, http://www.latcom.org/radio.htm or /index.htm *R. Clube de Marília, Brasil, active on 3235, again with own programming instead of relaying R. Guarujá Paulista *Closed down permanently at yearend: R. Dif. de Poços de Caldas, 4945, after 35 years on SW *Deutsche Welle DX Meeting January edition implied the next one at end of Feb could be the last *DW English to be reformatted by end of March into rolling news, eliminating all long-form programs including Mailbag; and A World of Music. Another station making itself into an amorphous magazine, not worth listening to for any specific topic *Roma organization reports Radio Chachimo is new Roma program from R. Sweden from Jan 28 on last Sundays, 22-23 UT Sat and Sun on 5850 *Polish Radio to start newscasts in Hebrew in March to compensate for anti-Semitism; details lacking and not clear if on SW *R. Six International, Scotland, resuming SW via Latvia 100 kW, 9290, weekly from Feb 3, Saturdays 07-08, 250 degrees toward Europe and Pacific, Tony Currie Show in Feb; http://www.radiosix.com *KBC Radio, ex-pirate form Netherlands in 1980s, back on SW via Lithuania, Saturdays 2200-2259 on 100 kW 6255, 500 kW 1386; see http://www.kbcradio.eu Heard in Denmark, Costa Rica, New York, Colombia *Radio PMR from Pridnestrovie, 6235 at 1700 M-F for 20 minutes in English, hard to hear in NAm, so Marty Delfín in Spain posted a recording on his new blog http://www.shortwavescatter.blogspot.com *Radio Ukraine International replaced 5820 with 7440 Jan 26 for English to NAm at 01-02 and 04-05; not very good in OK but an improvement in VA *Voice of Greece again has an English hour at 0300 UT Sunday on 7475, 9420; could contain either Hellenes Around the World or music show *Propagation outlook from Boulder, Jan 30; flux range 90-75 *Glenn Hauser, concluding World of Radio 1345 ### WORLD OF RADIO 1344 (+7-005 to 7-010) January 23, 2007 [for full credits listen to show or read recent DX Listening Digests] *Kenneth Y. Tomlinson gives up on being reappointed chairman of the Broadcasting Board of Governors altho Bush wanted to; investigation found he misused government money; already lost job heading Corporation for Public Broadcasting; will stay until successor named, and write a book on how he was mistreated *WETA-FM in Washington suddenly resumes classical format Jan. 22 to compensate for WGMS abandoning it; programming shakeup also affects WAMU; WETA streaming but low bitrate. WGMS becomes ``George FM`` *San Diego`s classical station KFSD, originally on FM, about to disappear from AM in February, into simulcast with KSPA *Heritage WDAF calls in Kansas City, originally on 610 and lately on FM, transferred to classical 1660, ex-KXTR *KRSN 1490, Los Alamos NM special DX test Sunday January 28 for 10 minutes each at 08, 09 and 10 UT including code IDs; report to dxtest @ krsnam1490.com *New limited series on CBC Radio 1, third hour of Sunday Edition, 11:05 am local plus repeats, Spin Cycles on media manipulation *CBC to reformat Radio 1 and Radio 2 as of March 19; bottom line: less music on 1, less classical music on 2. Going for younger audience on Radio 2; more in DXLD 7-008 *Classical on 6045 all night must be XEXQ, San Luis Potosí, clear after 0630 UT; and around 0900 *Radio Universidad Nacional, XEYU, reactivated on 9599.2 variable, sometimes also all-night, and in daytime *Radio Educación, Mexico DF, two Mondays in a row was on air in daytime during the 15 UT hour on 6185 *Radio República, Cuban clandestine schedule changes but not published. Reported at 03-04 on 6100 Tue-Sat via Sackville, but we think it`s via UK. On one occasion reported until 0300 on 6215, instead of 6185? *R. República also reported until 1230 on 6140 but that`s where BBCWS in Spanish has been relayed via Greenville, a mixup? *After years of colliding with China via Canada on 15230, Habana has moved to 15190 at 1100-1500, no longer ``Commies vs. Commies`` *Spare Cuban transmitters at 15-20 UT being used by R. Rebelde, at 17- 19 heard on 15370, 17555 [and others] *WIPR, 940, public radio in Puerto Rico has been off the air since March for studio refurbishment, plans to resume at Janend; new site http://www.tutv.puertorico.pr *Radio Líder, Colombia, heard again on 6139.78 at 0952 January 23 in Japan [but not confirmed later] *Radio Quito, Ecuador, sporadically active on 4819.9, with distorted modulation, e.g. 2255, 2356, and around 1130 *Radio Logos, Bolivia, 6165, is also on 4865, until 2300 with religion in English, and also around this time the station heard in Low German, for Mennonites *The media magazine you monitor with your mind, World of Radio 1344, woradio at yahoo.com or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK, 73702 USA; website http://worldofradio.org *Thanks this week for financial support go to Jim Wishner in Minnesota *Radio Globo, Rio de Janeiro, 11805, putting out wide spurs around 11995, heard by several in Brazilian daytime *Yet another Buenos Aires station relayed on 15820-LSB, Concepto AM, at 1132-1150; that`s listed on 1050 with no power given *High summer in Antarctica, so some SW communication frequencies to monitor: around McMurdo: 4770, 5100, 5400, 7995, 11553; around Palmer station 4125, 11553; and also 9032 *RUV in Iceland did not close SW at end of 2006; still heard `for a couple of weeks` at 1215-1300 on 13865 USB, 1755-1825 on 12115. Prolonged until new satellite service is inaugurated during spring *Denmark will close LW 243 kHz February 14 at 2300; and MW 1062 will reduced to five short transmissions per day with news, gymnastics and weather *Deutsche Welle says goodbye to its North American shortwave monitors *The DX Boys at DW say their World DX Meeting is ending, last broadcast at end of March; protest to Herrn Marco Vollmar. It`s a program within another program, once a month on last Sunday during Mailbag *A World of Music on DW, Mondays 2130 on 11690, was about the tango this week, and on Jan 29 Phillip Glass; also ondemand for a week via http://www.dw-world.de *One R. Prague relay in Spanish via Canada remains, 2330 on 6000, colliding with Cuba *Polish Radio explains giving up Radio Polonia name: that implied it was only for the diaspora; step in the right direction, contrary to Finland which catered only to diaspora before closure *Via Latvia 9290, KWRN, Nordland Radio in Germany, Sunday January 28 at 09-10 final broadcast for a long time; then Marabu, and 13-14 Latvia Today, in English *Mighty KBC Radio, via Lithuania 1386, every Saturday at 22-23 with music in English, also on SW 6255 *V. of Greece, UT Mondays at 0011 on 7475 has Greek in Style, music presented in English *Polisario station for Western Sahara, jumps around; 6458, then 6485 or 6480 variable *Africa Number One harmonic from Gabon on 19160 was heard again January 10 from 1310 to 2221, but not lately *La Voix du Peuple, Congo DR, on 5066.38, heard at 0429; a.k.a. Radio Tele-CANDIP until sign-off at 1620 *New station in Eritrea on 5100, 1500-1530 with educational programs in English, Radio Bana, which means dawn *New target program for Ethiopia on TDP schedule: Andanet Ledemocracy, 17-18 Tue, Thu, Sun in Amharic on 7280 [not confirmed] *V. of Tigre Revolution, Ethiopia, moves to in-band channels, 5980 and 9650, at 1500-1730, ex-5500 and 6350 *R. Cairo revised schedule shows English to North America at 2300-2430 back on clear 11950 instead of 11885 blocked by WYFR, unconfirmed *On WOR 1343, R. Bayrak, Turkish Northern Cyprus frequency is 6150.04 *Galei Zahal, Israel, heard on both frequencies at once, between 0600 and 1800 on 6973 and 15785 *Per http://www.intervalsignals.net new Kurdish on 3930 is R. Voice of Kurdistan; jumps 10 kHz steps to avoid jamming *Reactivated in Kyrgyzstan is 4050 with Radio Rossii program at 1330; it and 4010 both close at 1800 *Something from Afghanistan not only on 6700, but similar program on 6800 at 1440-1530. *Could* be US psyops from different towns *Open Radio for North Korea, via Novosibirsk, 14-15, 110 degrees, 200 kW on 7390, new transmission *Indonesians heard in Sweden, maybe also in WNAm: RRI Gorontalo on 3266.419 at 1415 later than usual; RRI Manokwari, 3987.056 until 1259 closing *Propagation outlook from Boulder January 23; flux range 85-75 *That`s WOR 1344; Glenn Hauser inviting you to hear me again next week ### WORLD OF RADIO Extra 74 January 19, 2007 = CONTINENT OF MEDIA 06-10, December 20, 2006 [with DXLD issues where you may read more] *This is Continent of Media 06-10, a.k.a. World of Radio Extra 74 *Universal makes COM possible, 1-800-431-3939, for a catalog, or http://www.universal-radio.com *Universal also sponsors http://www.dxing.com for much more info including audio access to this program *VOA Bethany officially a National Historic Site [6-184] *Only 26 percent of Americans like Rush Limbaugh [6-184] *Air America listeners in Madison vs. Clear Channel [CC relented and will keep AA on 92.1 in Madison, at least for now] [6-184, 6-185] *Emergency radio in Los Álamos [6-185] *FCC drops Morse code requirement for hams [6-185, 6-186] *Mystery interference on SW spectrum, OTH radars? [6-181] *Remembering early car radios [6-184] *Why do trains whistle Q? [6-184] *Buying a new digital TV [6-183] *New shortwave station planned in Bolivia [6-184] *That`s COM 06-10, a.k.a. later as World of Radio Extra 74 ### WORLD OF RADIO 1343 (+7-001 to 7-004) January 9, 2007 [for full credits listen to show or read recent DX Listening Digests] *RRI Nabire reactivated a few weeks ago, but not heard in North America in January around 1300 on 6125.3v; still on but closing frequency around 0800 rather than opening at 0815; in Japan both that and 7290 heard at 0800, and then 7290 stayed on later *VOI in English on 9525 heard at 0835 Saturday with week in review *V. of Mongolia confirmed still in English at 1000 on 12085, better heard in South than North America *George Maroti on his experience verifying Bhutan by fax *Andaman & Nicobar Islands, separate radio country from rest of India: AIR Port Blair 4760, frequency varies to 4764; helps to separate from AIR Leh, also on 4760 *AIR Guwahati jumps back and forth between 4940 and 4900 from day to day, heard at 1200 in WV; when on 4940 has QRM de China after 1200. Should stay on 4900 *AIR GOS unreadable to inaudible in Minnesota so try DS news in English for 5 minutes on 9425: 1530, 1630, 1730, 1830, 1935, 2030, 2135, 2230 *Something on 6700 at 1550 sounds like R. Solh, Afghanistan on 9345, a.k.a. Radio Peace. Maybe a new or additional frequency for night *VOIRI in Arabic one day only on 6835 around 2100, drifting to 6827 at 2116, spur *R. Democracy Shorayee in Persian changed at 17-18 Tue, Thu, Fri, Sun, from 7435 due to Family Radio, to 7470, perfect in Sofia *New Kurdish station, V. of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, 0400-0429 on 3930; said to be breakaway faxion of the PDKI *R. Bayrak, Turkish Northern Cyprus, not heard in Denmark on 6150 at 0100, just Singapore in English. But confirmed in Italy on 6150.04, with enjoyable music, heard at 0500 with QRM from Costa Rica. Tuned to LSB in spite of that, to reduce Austria 6155 splatter. Also as early as 0300 *R. Filia via V. of Greece, 15630, including English hour at 0700, was missing in late Dec and early Jan, maybe due to holidays; reconfirmed Monday January 8; audio problem with Greek mixing in *Wonderful Greek Orthodox singing, for Xmas Jan 6 at 0715 on 9420 *It`s All Greek to Me, music introduced in English, Sunday until 1200 on 9420 and 17525, with new host Angelika Timms; apparently the same until 0100 UT Monday on 7475 *R. Belarus, new English schedule after 2100, best on 7420 in Azores, inferior on 7360, 7390 *100 kW on 9290 from Ulbroka, Latvia, includes weekly English hour, Latvia Today, from Radio SWH, a domestic station. Heard Sunday at 1300; and same a week later; maybe also Saturdays 0800 *Poland`s SW station is now External Service of Polish Radio, ex-Radio Polonia since Jan. 1, to make it clear it is not a separate station from domestic service. English at 1300 occasionally makes it to California on 9525 when Indonesia is missing; relay via Germany *R. Polonia planned to eliminate Esperanto Dec 31, but last-minute reprieve; times and frequencies were adjusted for Ukrainian, 16 on 6035, 7170, 19 on 5935, so now those are in Esperanto *WOR 1343; see http://www.worldofradio.org for much more info *Comments welcome to P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702, USA: or woradio at yahoo.com *Thanks to Andy O`Brien for podcasts and other mp3 versions of WOR *Danish Radio was going to close 1062 and 243 kHz, but MW reprieved until end of 2010y, with weather, navigation warnings, news; LW still to close sometime this spring *MW licensees in Netherlands may now apply to use DRM *RTE Ireland got SW bonus since WRMI was relaying WRN at 13 weekdays on 7385, but now canceled; more later on what`s occupying that *Sudan Radio Service still has not updated own schedule on website since A-06; ran across them Wed at 1435-1500 in English on new 9660, ex-9565, via Moldova as registered; other weekdays from 1500 on other frequencies *Buzz from Gabon disappeared, and RTG on 4777 also missing since 2006 at 16-17; seems Moyabi has only two operational transmitters at the moment *Afropop music jammer moving around more, not just 17660; and Africa Number One has been missing from 17630 when 17660v is on [but later both are heard at same time, and harmonic 19160 is also back, without buzz] *Gabon article from last June says Tripoli is helping rehabilitate ANU transmitters --- obviously with ulterior motives [as jammers] *Polisario station for Western Sahara moved once again; from Jan 4 on 6458, with utility interference from NATO, including Spanish at 2300, otherwise Arabic; better in Portugal on MW 1550 *Something on 4865 before and after 2300 sounds like Afrikaans; could be low and high German originating with HCJB at same time on 12040? And relayed by Bolivia or Brasil for Mennonites *R. San Miguel, Bolivia, radiosanmiguel_riberalta @ yahoo.es replied saying off the air while moving into new building Jan 13, 4695v *R. Yura, radioyura @ hotmail.com verification says left MW 1300 for SW 4715 for better coverage of Bolivia; axually 4717 *6536.3 from Huancabamba, Perú now IDs as R. LV del Rondero, at 0102, 0154-0210 *On 2139.9 at 1155, R. Chontaleña, Chontales, Nicaragua on 2 x 1070, where not listed *R. Cultural Coatán, Guatemala, 4780, at 2320 in Azores seems to be much more than listed 1 kW; also heard in OK well after sunrise, as late as 1436 *5010 from Dominican Republic is R. Cristal Internacional, carrying R. Pueblo 15-10 AM, on 5009.8, at 2151 *R. Rebelde, Cuba heard on 17555 at 1700-1900 under WYFR, // 15570 and 11655, the latter under Netherlands *One-hour relay of R. Martí by WAQI 710 Miami nightly at 0500 UT is costing exactly $1000 per hour; a fair rate? *From Jan 3, WRMI no longer relaying WRN on 7385. Time filled by many more repeats of DX and feature programs in Spanish and English including: World of Radio Thu 1430 and Mon 1330; Mundo Radial added Wednesdays at 1300; AWR Wavescan, Mon 1300, Fri 1530; HCJB`s DX Partyline and Aventura Diexista Mon 14, Tue 1330, Wed 1530, Thu 13, Fri 1430; Viva Miami Mon 1430, Tue 13, Wed 14, Thu 1530, Fri 14 *Another website to support progressive talk radio: http://www.nonstopradio.com plus podcasts *NovaM, competitor or successor to Air America, http://www.novamradio.com has Mike Malloy, Mike Newcomb, Peter B. Collins; with podcasts. Malloy refers to Bush Crime Family. NovaM affiliates; KPHX 1480 Phoenix, KQKE 960 San Francisco, KSAC 1240 Sacramento, KPTK 1090 Seattle (50 kW), Sirius 146. Malloy also on WINZ 940 Miami *January orgy season underway at WHRB Harvard; full details at http://www.whrb.org *Dead Dog in the City, hilarious deadpan first nations humour programme, missing from CBC Radio 1 the first week in January [and the second week] *And Sometimes Y, excellent new series on CBC about the English language, is on CBC Radio 1, Sats and Tues at 11:30 am local, plus 4 repeats each for each timezone, thru June *Little Mosque on the Prairie is controversial new sitcom on CBC TV *CRTTC in Canada now allows HD (IBOC) radio on AM or FM if Industry Canada authorizes it *Radio Shack Canada closing its nine company-owned stores by end of January; look for storewide sales *Propagation outlook from Boulder Jan 9; flux range 75-85 *With a standard disclaimer, *Glenn Hauser concluding World of Radio 1343 ### WORLD OF RADIO 1342 (+6-191 to 6-193, 7-001) January 2, 2007 [for full credits listen to show or read recent DX Listening Digests] *KAIJ Dallas has a special one-hour program about ham radio and Fessenden, repeated Friday Jan 5 at 2000 on 9480, 2200 on 5755, also webcasts *VOA added more broadcasts in Amharic due to crisis in Somalia, not Somali, which VOA killed in 1994, but is considering reviving; 03 & 04 on 13815, 15610. 1431 kHz in Djibouti would serve the area, but dedicated to Sawa in Arabic 24 hours; Kavala, Greece, SW relay closed *Kim Elliott appearance on VOA Talk to America postponed to Monday Jan 8 at 14-15 UT; details at http://kimandrewelliott.com *Greenland, 3815-USB, 2055-2212 audible via DX Tuner Europe, foghorn QRM *Historical info including long pdf article about Woofferton SW transmitter site in UK, launched in 1943, via http://www.bbceng.info *VT Communications, UK and elsewhere becomes main transmitting agency for Germany`s Deutsche Welle instead of Wertachtal; some transmissions remain via TSI in Nauen, Germany, perhaps only until May. See discussions in DX Listening Digest *Startup problems with synchronizing audio from two sites at once, also Sines, Portugal on 6075. Broadcasting English to rather than from Germany on 6140 does not make sense *WRMI renewed contract with R. Prague for relays indefinitely, English daily 1000 on 9955, 1500 on 7385 *Prague relay via Sackville, Canada contract did expire December 31; no longer heard at 1500 on 15160, 0400 on 5990, and presumably also gone at 2330 on 5990, 6000 *R. Slovakia International, back on SW two months ago, remains after December 31, including English to Americas at 0100 on 7230, 9440 *R. Budapest on new 5980 for English at 0200, ex-6110; don`t you believe the out-of-date schedules given on their DX program UT Monday inside And the Gatepost, worse than useless *Denmark was expected to close down 1062 and 234 kHz at yearend, but still heard [1062 to continue at least until 2010, and 243 to close this spring] *R. Racyja, Poland closed 1080 kHz MW, moved to SW 6090 at 16-18 *YLE Radio Finland closed SW at yearend, and MW except 558 kHz; final SW to 2100 Dec 31 on 6120; MW 963 one hour longer. Ex-head of international radio at YLE has private website about station: http://www.ulkomaanmedia.net partly in English *R. Belarus changed schedule, best on 7420, English an hour later at 21-23, Russian 23-24 *Overmodulated relay of CRI in English on 6125 at 21 comes via Spain, but fault is in the feed from China *24-hour strike at Rai, Italy, December 18, including SW service with no news; rumors that SW would be closed at yearend, but still heard as of Jan 2 including English to NAm 0055-0115 on 11800, tho it may not be propagating *6235, external service of PMR, Moldovan breakaway, M-F 1700 in English: review by Roger Tidy *First WOR of 2007, #1342; check http://worldofradio.org especially archive of DXLD; woradio at yahoo.com or P O Box 1684, Enid OK 73702 USA *Standard disclaimer *New time confirmed on WWCR 12160, Saturday 1730 UT ex-1700 *Polisario station for Western Sahara from Algeria, was trying frequencies just above 6.2 MHz, but from Dec 27 back to 7460 including Spanish hour at 2300, the rest Arabic. So happens this is a one hour break by WWCR from 7465, so in the clear [later: moved again to 6458, with ute QRM] *V. of Nigeria heard on 11770, in Igbo and Arabic at 1615-1701, then 15120 from 1701 in English *Buzzy transmitter in Gabon no longer heard on 9580, 19160, or 4777 from 0457, since December 23 *New SW station in Uganda supposed to start soon: Dunamis Shortwave, on 4750, near Kampala, 1 kW, NVIS vertical antenna, despite Sudan`s Radio Peace already on 4750; Dunamis was supposed to go on the air a sesquiyear ago. China also on 4750 and Bangladesh, including news in English at 1530. Dunamis start delayed from January 1, schedule 15-17 English, 17-19 local languages *Another new religious station coming in Ezo, Sudan, on 6.00 MHz or so from mid-February, 250 watts *R. Cairo had been using strange 9988 at 1900 only for Italian, but from December 17 normalized to 9990 like other European languages *R. Bayrak, Turkish Cyrpus, 6150, heard in Austria, 0515-0545, QRM de Austria 6155 from 0530 *V. of Turkey has come thru with new evening broadcast in Spanish to Americas, 0200 on 9865 *R. Bahrain, 6010.1, heard via DX tuner in Sweden including English news at 0330, weather 0335, longer than at 1900 when more or less clear *Turkmenistan drawing attention; English news scheduled: 1500-1510 on 5015, 279; 1640-1650 4830 *unID transmission on 7425 at 1800-1957 turns out to be RFE/RL Turkmen service extended from previous 1800 close on other frequencies; has removed Turkmen-language website ``for strategic reasons``, but live audio feeds accessible to parallel; our theory confirmed by José Miguel Romero and Wolfgang Büschel *R. Paksitan news in English at 1600 is on 6215.4, 7530, 11570 *Ullmar Qvick in Sweden receives QSL from V. of Mongolia for 1949 reception of R. Ulan Bator on 8400 kHz, plus modern VOM card; 57 years later, a record? *V. of Mongolia now says it has given up on English at 1500 due to co- channel on 12015 from WYFR and V. of Korea; presumably also applies to 2000 UT, but not at 1000 when English is on 12085. Says will try to transmit on internet instead. DXers could help them find a d different frequency *Interview with Dolores Béistegui, ex-director of IMER in Mexico, responsible for demise of R. Mexico International, explains her reasoning, and gave transmitters to Radio UNAM. Now she is replaced by Héctor Villareal *R. Martí on another unscheduled frequency, 9825 at 0247, instead of 9725 which was still jammed bothering Defunct Gene Scott; not clear if permanent move or jumping around to dilute jamming *Venezuelan government says it has acquired land to build a new SW transmission center *Daytime bandscan in Perú finds R. Tacna active on 9504.9 at 1809; R. Ondas del Suroriente on 5120.3 at 1748 *New Latin America SW frequency list at http://lasw.blogspot.com *Efforts in Columbus OH to retain progressive talk on WTPF 1230 despite Clear Channel`s plans: http://www.ohiomajorityradio.com plus yahoo group of same name *Long-term propagation outlook: Cycle 24 will be a big one peaking in 2010-2011, a year later than normal, up to 50 percent stronger than predecessor *Outlook from Boulder Dec 26, Solar flux dropping from 100 to 75 *Glenn Hauser concluding World of Radio 1342 ###