WORLD OF RADIO EXTRA 43, produced by Glenn Hauser
        released Aug. 21, 2002, between WOR 1144 and 1145

 [references to DX LISTENING DIGEST issues for complete stories]

*Voice of Islamic Republic of Iran has fascinating programs, some
 outright anti-Western [2-127, 2-128]; no. 4 in shortwave output, but
 easier to hear on webcasts; more about Palestine and the intifada
 than Iran itself. Reviews of broadcasts, by Fred Waterer
*Iran proudly makes its own transmitters [2-125]
*Former clandestine to Iran, V. of the Sarbedaran, ``Those who have
 laid their heads on the block, Maoist
*Arabs try to telecast to Israel in Hebrew; how well Syria does
*How Sa`udi Arabia censors internet:
*Daring Chinese declare ``self-evident`` citizens` rights for internet
*China jails dissident for reactionary downloads [2-126]
*Newfie gets QSL from North Korea, tips on how to [2-119]
*Television in Kenya, networks from abroad, channel usage [2-125]
*SkyTower over Kauai, communications relay from remote controlled
 plane fills gap between satellite and terrestrial coverage [2-118]
*Britain`s original satellite site Goonhilly Downs still in business
 and tourist attraction [2-112]
*BBC spending 2.8 gigapounds on consolidating facilities [2-122]
*John Logie Baird, Scotish inventor of TV, doesn`t get respect from
 BBC which sidetracked him, squandering 10-year lead [2-120]
*Trying to keep American shows off British TV [2-123]
*Floppy TV sets now feasible [2-116] [original link no work:]
*France`s plan for mediumwave includes many new stations [2-122]
*Listening from Lapland, where west coast North American MW stations
 can be heard, low-power Canadians, and Quebec windows [2-110]
*A must for really understanding VHF and UHF propagation: ``Beyond
 Line of Sight`` by Emil Pocock; see   [2-127]
*And that concludes WOR Extra 43; hope you`ve enjoyed it. I`m Glenn
 Hauser inviting you to hear a regular edition next week      ###