WORLD OF RADIO #1277, produced June 8, 2005 by Glenn Hauser
        [for full credits listen to show or consult recent DXLDs]

*Schedule change for Mundo Radial on WWCR 15825: Fri & Mon 2115; new
 edition from June 17
*As shown in latest DX/SWL/Media programs, mostly in English at  Also a new edition for
 June of Nets to You:
*Former director of VOA Sanford Ungar and present director David
 Jackson accuse each other over charges that Jackson is trying to
 manage VOA news to favor the Bush administration; BBG Chairman
 Kenneth Tomlinson backs Jackson; hearings on Tomlinson and VOA
 journalists` petition called for; see June 6 edition of and recent issues of DXLD such as 5-094
*Commemorative broadcast for 70th anniversary of Major Armstrong`s
 first demonstration of wideband FM, from Alpine NJ tower, June 11-
 12, 42.8 MHz, WA2XMN, with historical programs, on wideband FM,
 for which few receivers are available now covering that frequency,
 such as the SX-42. Sporadic E could give 42.8 wide coverage. But to
 be simulcast and webcast from station on same tower, WFDU, 89.1.
 Exact times not given; see [WFDU says it
 will be Sat June 11 at 1600 UT; webcast repeats at 2300 June 14
 and 16: ]
*From June 6, CNN domestic carries Your World Today from CNN
 International, weekdays at 1600-1700 UT: ``CNN Stuns US with Actual
 News`` [but we see a lot of the same old US tabloid, Aruba and
 Michael Jackson, just presented with a British accent]
*KGFE, ch 2 in Grand Forks ND off the air for over a year, except for
 6-watt ERP temporary transmitter; ice damage ruined its antenna and
 transmitter [TROTS: they don`t want to replace analog on ch 2 since
 they will have to transition to DTV soon anyway on another channel]
*LAX 530 kHz station jacked up power again, rock solid in Thousand
 Oaks, 35 miles away, and with ionospheric fading; also in Sta Barbara
*NY Times editorial against Sen. Rick Santorum`s effort to squelch
 the National Weather Service providing info free to public, give it
 to private companies instead. Will Martin suggests a class-action
 lawsuit on behalf of NOAA weather radio owners and manufacturers
*Some Canadian MW stations aren`t protecting US with directional
 antennas north, such as CKDM 730 Manitoba. Engineer confirms this
 from visits to stations; no one really cares [even tho this violates
 international treaties: US must break relations with Canada]
*R. Habana Cuba had special coverage of terrorism conference June 2-4,
 with three frequencies in English mornings and afternoons, 9550,
 12000, 13680 plus several more in Spanish
*New Cuban on 530 Saturday afternoon went off to monitor whether R.
 Marti would come on; when it did slammed by Cadena Habana: radio wars
*R. Cultural, Guatemala, occasionally tests SW still, such as June 2
 at 1050 on 5954.967, heard by Bjoern Malm, Ecuador
*The media magazine you monitor with your mind, World of Radio 1277,
 P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA or woradio at
*Thanks this week for financial support go to Gerald T. Pollard
*Who also provides links to several articles classified as Tips for
 Rational Living, at the end of recent issues of DXLD
*R. Six International, Scotland, apologizes for missing broadcast
 Saturday [not Sunday] June 4 due to computer problem, explained in
 DXLD 5-093; promises to be on Sat June 11, via Latvia 9290 at 06-07,
 plus 15725 IRRS, and Tawa 88.2 NZ; and an extra hour till 08 on 9290
*Widely heard music station on 6220 around 02-04 must be Mystery
 Radio, Euro pirate; and at 19, 2130 in Spain. Must have considerable
 power, reported from New Zealand, USA, Europe
*Far-right Belgian station on 6015 did not appear the following week
 via UK either
*Low power DRM tests from Europe: R. Maria, Andrate, N. Italy, 26000,
 less than 50 watts, to be DRM, but on AM for now; from Germany,
 15895 DRM, BitExpress heard in Rome at 1000, 100 watts; RIZ in
 Zagreb, Croatia is testing DRM on 25800 to cover the city, but these
 11m could also skip out via Es or F2
*Mid-season A-05 frequency changes: V. of Russia, English to NAm at
 01-05 from Vladivostok on 15555 ex-17660
*R. Ukraine International, English to Europe at 21 on 7490 ex-7420
*R. St. Helena has competitor, Saint FM, the latter webcasting, 24h
 via with abacast plugin; local news scheduled at
 07, 09, 12, 14, 16, 19, 2130 weekdays; 12 & 19 weekends
*Polisario station now on 7466: 06-08, except Fridays to 09, but June
 3 until 1010 with R. for Peace, Italy, program in final hour, IDs in
 Italian, English, Spanish, Arabic. 7466 too close to US stations such
 as WWCR 7465 from 2200, its het bothering WWCR in Georgia
*Salama Radio International reactivation for Nigeria confirmed, Sun
 June 5 [not 4: sorry: I kept confusing these dates] at 1930-2030,
 11885 Woofferton, 300 kW due south; even audible in OK; [is Wed and
 Sun only]; until May 2003 was via Juelich, Germany
*For Zimbabwe, SW Radio Africa, was to cease SW at end of May, but got
 an extension until June 8 at 17-18 on 15145, confirmed by monitoring,
 [and still on June 9], so keep checking
*Identity of new Somali clandestine on 15650 at 1730-1800 daily
 except Fridays: R. Horyaal, via Germany, already via Russia 12130;
 regular service from June 4
*Djibouti, 4780, heard 0300-0330 in Pennsylvania; schedule info for
 MW 1539, and presumably parallel; 03-20, exc Fri and holidays 05-20;
 news in Arabic at 06, 14; in S. Australia, Craig Edwards pulled in
 1539 better than 4780
*Coalition Maritime Forces Radio 1, Arabian Gulf, 9133-USB, heard
 in FL at 0250-0330, needing wide USB, not narrow
*Jordan`s English on 11690 now with HCJB interference besides RTTY at
 1300-1630, is not on air every day, but when on received well in UK
*V. of Islamic Republic of Iran is listener-friendly, sending lots of
 material in mail so one may open Islamic fundamentalist reading room;
 if it gets thru, as one listener found his large envelope opened with
 most contents removed by US authorities who must think it`s too
 sensitive for Americans
*V. of Communist Party of Iran, 4375.95, heard in Japan from *1626
*Collision between Minivan Radio, for Maldive Islands, 12015 at 16-
 17 with V. of Korea; so now, Minivan, via Germany, moves to 11800
*Nepal is ripe for some surrogate SW from outside, preferably not the
 Maoists, but where are they? Banned Nepal FM broadcasters are reading 
 out news on the streets
*New clandestine for Vietnam, R. Hoa-Mai,
 shows 11555 at 1330-1400, Sat & Sun, via KWHR Hawaii; based in
 southern California, would like to add a MW frequency to Vietnam
*Wantok Radio Light, Papua New Guinea, 7120, reported by more DXers,
 in Japan, New Zealand; and in Alberta, Ed Kusalik had it several
 times, as late as 1400+
*Australian Radio DX Club celebrating 40th anniversary with special
 via Latvia 9290, Sat June 18 1000-1100; special QSLs, only by P-mail
*ARDS, Humpty Doo, Northern Territory, Aboriginal Resource
 Development Service, is 24h with 400 watts on 5050 since May 26, plus
 several MW; manager Dale Cheeson says he verifies with detailed
 letter; see
*On WPKN 89.5 Bridgeport CT [and WPKM 88.7 Montauk LINY], WOR moved
 from 0600 UT Tue, to 1330 UT Sats in June; 1000 UT Sats from July
*Propagation outlook from Boulder June 7; flux range 105-80-105
*With a standard disclaimer,
*Glenn Hauser concluding World of Radio 1277 ###